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How to Lower T?

I am 46, just got some lab work done in the hopes of doing TRT through my insurance plan. My total and free T levels are just barely above the lower limit of the lab range for normal. If the doctor balks at TRT since my levels are not outside of the normal range according to the lab, I may request a retest.

Any ideas for how I can lower my T a bit? Nothing drastic, as I am already on the cusp.

One idea I have is to test later in the day as opposed to first thing in the morning (which is unfortunately when I had my original labs taken – when T levels tend to be higher).

Would fasting for a day or so help?

I know this subject has been touched upon, I am just not able to locate using search. Thanks for the assistance.

Doc should proceed if TT or FT are below range, or if you are symptomatic. Some guys who were higher T types when they were younger will suffer more at those levels VS guys who were low T types.

Higher T types have more body hair and facial hair. If their growth came early and fast, they may be shorter and stockier. Will also have stronger male facial bone characteristics.

Low T types may have little or no body or facial hair. These guys can be taller as they had less T to convert to E. It is estrogens that stop long bone growth.

The idea that we all fall into some king of normal range is totally bogus. We have different needs and different receptor sensitivities that are changing with time.

Write down all of your symptoms. Be prepared to fight anti-depressants and Viagra as treatment.

You could take some drugs that reduce the ability of the liver to clear E from your blood. E levels would rise and inhibit the HPTA, and you would be more symptomatic than you are right now.

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listen to coldplay and watch soap operas

[quote]Caged wrote:

worked for me, inadverently…

Boy go t bit by snake couple days before, so no sleep… Massive stress, bad food…

Drank a bit before for 2 nights before test (still couldn’t sleep)…

Thanks much for the replies.

Yeah, that was the article I read before but couldn’t find through search… THANKS!!

I will report back how things turn out.

By the way, if anyone can recommend a doc in the Phoenix area, please shoot me an email.

Have a huge night on the piss 2 days before the morning of your blood test

[quote]stockzy wrote:
Have a huge night on the piss 2 days before the morning of your blood test[/quote]

Yeah I drank like a fish to get my HGH sufficiently suppressed, works for T as well I believe but does come with its own risks and hazards.