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How To Lower T Levels Before Blood Draw

Hey guys this is my first post here although I have been browsing for about a month.

Without going too in depth about the entirety of my situation I will just get straight to the point.

I need to have super low levels due to the non-progressive thinking of my Doctor.

I went to a Low T Clinic the other day that I was thinking about using but I don’t want to due to cost.

I was honest with the doctor there and told him I was just there to hear about the treatment and that I was trying to be treated by my doctor and he gave me THIS PROTOCOL FOR LOWERING T before a blood draw and I am hoping to find somebody here who has heard this, done it, and has seen T levels drop for a blood draw.

He says get to the gym 2 hours before a blood draw and lift as heavy as you can. He says to use multiple muscle groups and basically die in the gym. He says your body will use all of your available testosterone to try and keep lifting and you’ll then deplete your body.

He says after 45 minutes to go eat a big gross meal from Mcdonalds. I don’t remember the science of eating the big gross meal right after this workout but he says that if you do this and leave a one hour window before the blood draw, your Test will be low.

Next blood draw is Tuesday so looking for someone that can confirm the validity of this protocol.

NOTE: I’m not trying to cheat the system. I have been measured at 350 ng/dl and 299 ng/dl but recently had for some awful reason a reading of 486 ng/dl which through all the progress I made with my doc out the window. Need to get in there Tuesday and draw low.

Thanks in advance

I’d suggest finding a Dr willing to treat you primarily based on your symptoms and not your numbers as your end game, while all of this is going on. You’ll thank me 5 years from now.

In the meantime, to lower your T levels, fast/eat nothing for 24-48 hours before blood draw and don’t sleep the night before the test also. Essentially anything that leaves you in a chronically stressed state and spikes your cortisol levels has the potential to drop your T levels. I’d avoid lifting before and instead go with a fasted steady state jog for as long as you can tolerate. Be sure to stay hydrated through all of this and ignore your drs advice about fast/fatty foods. Fat in our diet are the building blocks our bodies use to synthesis our sex hormones. He must not understand this. Deprive your body of those building blocks and sex hormones will decrease.

Are you sure you need/want go down the trt path? Can you share all of your blood work numbers?

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Hopefully your appointment is not in the morning. If it is stay up all night. Your Testosterone is highest after a nights sleep. Missing a nights sleep will lower your levels ether way.