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How to Lower T Dose?

How much of a drop is okay at a time? I want to try and lower my dose to eventually lower E2 and not use and AI, if possible. And when I lower it how long do I stay there before lowering again? Of course I know I’ll need blood work after each drop.

That’s subjective. What is your current dose and what do your labs look like to support it? For me, for example, my first labs showed TT in the 1400s so they lowered my dose about 20mg. My second set of bloods showed TT in the 900s so they upped me back 10mg and now I expect to be in the sweet spot of top range next labs. Also, at higher dosages I have bad DHT levels and sub optimal lipid levels.

what is your opposition to an AI?


I’d recommend no more than 10 - 20 mg (.05 - .1 cc) of test per week. I relate it to cutting down on caffeine, go slow or you will fill like shit.

Thanks but I ended up decided on pulling the rip cord and took one last shot of 100; 2 hours before going into swat week. its been 8 days since last shot all is well so far. But im also gonna give it a shot at using muscle sport test revolution, Daa Max, and Rebirth as a natty way to recover. We shall see. All is well at 8 days. I’ll report back at the 2 and 3 week mark. Im not convienced I needed trt to begin with but time will tell. I took a round of PH Super DMZ and didnt have a good pct as I was a newb, I panicked when I crashed 2 weeks post cycle and went to local dr. who basically just handed out 200mg cyp script.