How to Lower my Test Levels for TRT?

So I went to my doc to talk about getting TRT at 20 years old because I have pretty much all of the symptoms of low T (little to no libido, anxiety, depression, some serious hair loss, penis doesn’t work like it did in high schoo, etc) since the beginning of last summer if done everything in my power to raise my test naturally. I followed sites like anabolic men, peak testosterone, art of manliness, these forums and more
And I feel marginally better

Anyways the doc told me to get my thyroid, blood sugar, and testosterone checked out
My thyroid and blood sugar were great my test was sitting at 8-28.7 nmol/L he said he can’t give me TRT at those levels but he wrote me up for 2 more tests

I plan on going between Monday and Friday depending on how I feel that day

So far I plan on limiting my self to 3-4 hours of sleep a night, I’m gonna be eating a craptastic diet, and staying sedentary… What else can I do?

I forgot to mention this in the last year my personality has changed drastically I’ve become irritable, apathetic, and more of an inteovert then I used to be

There is a lot of reading that you can do.

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Suggested labs:
prolactin !!!

Many here have thyroid problems and often because of iodine deficiency from not using iodized salt.

You can check your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures:

  • when you first wake up, should be 97.7-97.8, higher is OK, 97.3 is a problem
  • also check for 98.6F/37C mid-afternoon

We have a lot of guys here at your age with similar issues. Probably rare, but many find their way here.

waist size
where do you carry fat
describe body and facial hair
did you mature slowly or suddenly
when did problems show up
any blows to head prior
feel cold easily
skin changes or hair loss - yes, but explain

For younger men, we need to find the cause of low T, low T is the symptom, not the root problem.
Do not get T tunnel vision.

Have you considered that your problems might have a different cause?

Low libido, irritability, and anxiety could all be caused by clinical depression rather than low-T. It’s probably something that’s harder to treat too.

Hey man, did u go on TRT?