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How to Lower my Test Levels for a Blood Test?


First of all I'm sorry if this post doesn't belong here, I'm just looking for advice and this forum seems like the best place to ask since most people here are knowledgeable about this sort of thing.

Before you start flaming me, please read my entire post; here's my situation: I have low testosterone levels but my doctor won't prescribe me test because he says my levels are too close to being within the normal range (my levels are around 250 ng/dL; this is first thing in the morning).

This pisses me off on so many levels because it's obviously not normal because a) I can't even have sex because of this shit, b) I can hardly sleep, c) I can't gain weight, and d) I don't even want to have sex anymore.

My doctor and endocrinologist have been giving me the runaround for about 8 months now, sending me back and forth making me take multiple blood tests. I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to lower my levels a bit more so that I can finally get this shit over with.

Anyways like I said, if this post doesn't belong here feel free to delete it. I'm just in a really rough spot and looking for some advice, thanks for any constructive help.


Don't sleep a few nights before your test. Drink caffeine and alcohol.

Edit ..Welcome to the borderline club. Where Dr's Don't do shit to help you cause they think its self inflicted or are afraid of the sigma attached to things like testosterone.

You must live it Canada cause that is how I am treated here.

They also think you can get along just by slim pass of the blood test. When in reality your at the end of your rope and your interpersonal relationships suffer you get depressed and fucked up. I think most Dr's should be well trained in TRT. Maybe by having there own test removed for a while and show them what its like.


The least radical thing to do would be to merely drop fats from the diet almost totally.

A next step up I suppose would be to deliberately train to an extent that puts you under the table for a few hours by the time you get home, every day.

The pharmaceutical approach would be to take a non-testosterone anabolic steroid. For example even a little trenbolone would put your natural testosterone in the toilet.

You could probably accomplish that with some currently available "prohormone" product as well.

Another approach would be to find a doctor who is not so stupid as to be unaware that "normal range" is based on statistics, not on good health let alone optimal health.

The approach of your doctors is equally intelligent as announcing that if a given man's waist size and bodyfat percentage-- huge as they are and obese as the fellow is -- are within the range that 95% of men fall into, therefore since they are "in the normal range" all is well and nothing ought to be done. Hyuk hyuk hyuk, we went to medical school, isn't we smart?

You probably need to do this anyway since, as you know that these educated idiots think that 250 ng/dL is satsifactory, that even if you go below that and they then prescribe you something, they will be satisfied if they simply get you back up to 250 ng/dL. Wouldn't you rather have a prescription from a non-clown?


Seriously it's so retarded, it's obviously fucking with my life, but since it's within the "normal" range they won't do anything. I'll try not sleeping for about 48 hours before the test, hopefully that should help push me over being "borderline low-test".

Yeah I'm going to see a different endo next month, the guy I'm going to now just looks at his papers and his checklists and doesn't listen to anything I'm saying. It's like it goes in one ear and out the other; it probably does since he's some middle-eastern guy who speaks terrible English.

Thanks for your post, I did try using the prohormone approach about a month ago. I only did a 2-week cycle though. I stopped because my natural gyno that I've had since I hit puberty was getting a lot worse; also my testes we're getting really small, it kind of scared me. I don't think I was on it long enough for it to shut down my test production because I don't feel any worse than I already did and my testes went back to normal size after I stopped using, but on the plus side the two weeks I was on it I felt great and was actually able to have sex again.

I'll try cutting out fats and overt-training for about a week before my blood test. I want to do as much as I can to get this over with so I don't have to do it again.


If trying the (so-called) prohormone approach, there are choices that don't aggravate gyno.

Your testes would not have shrunk down if LH production wasn't decreased, which means that T production must have been decreased when you did this before.


There is a lot of discrimination around regarding "female" vs "male" hormones, not least by doctors.

You know, in the British National Formulary one of the accepted regimens for TRT listed is 1ml of Sustanon250 shot once PER MONTH.

They then laughably go on to describe the side effects of this evil substance as;

"Depression, changes in libido, impotence, aggression..." and so on. No one seems to have spotted that their ridiculous injection protocol might be causing these problems rather than the actual medication itself.

Sorry, just adding to the rant-fest.


You are so right Roberto. Good luck with that one, OP. Basically live a bizzaro bodybuilding lifestyle. Don't sleep, drink plenty of booze, cut all sources of fat and cholesterol, do marathons of cardio on an empty stomach, etc. You get the feeling.


I doubt that going to see another endo is going to help much either. Going that route is likely to leave you frustrated with their lack of knowledge of HRT and out a ton of $$$. Best bet IMO is to see an anti-aging doc or educate yourself and self-medicate.


In additon to any other good advice given here, make sure to get your levels at late in the day as possible. Your T levels are highest in the am.


Here's an article Cy Wilson wrote a while back about this exact topic. It's a pretty entertaining article...


Alternatively, you could always watch the new high school musical film which my niece had me endure at the weekend, I am almost certain that one of my testicles dropped off and my hormone levels plummeted and im on cycle lol -
apologies, i can only imagine how you feel, just felt a little humour would lighten the mood.

On a serious note, my first choice would be to self medicate, having been on my own TRT regimen before, however purely from a bodybbuilding stand point, if you have a reliable source, 150 - 250mg per week, injected in two doses would be cheap and make a huge difference to your life. Of course, there are ancillaries to consider if you are extremly gyno prone, but for the amount you would need on such a small amount of test, it would be economic still.



Wow, that has quite literally everything I was looking for, thanks a lot. I'm going to try this.

Ah, I agree that self-medication would be the easiest way to go, but unfortunately I don't have the reliable connections to make it work. The idea of receiving the test straight from a pharmacy is a lot more appealing than getting it from some sketchy source and having no idea if it's the real deal or not.


Masturbate 10 times a day.


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Good luck...my friends test went as low as 52 and he was refused. Had to get test on his own and self medicate. He is only 18 though and made some bad choices. But to be fair, his test levels were always unacceptable even before he made those "choices".


I would further emphasize the "change your endo or see an anti-aging doc" point.

When you see a new endo, as you said you're planning to, make it absolutely clear to him that he had better listen to what you say instead of letting it go in one ear and out the other, because the last guy did that and you'll change docs in a heartbeat if he doesn't help you. Also make it crystal clear that you feel terrible in every way, and want to feel GOOD, not just "passable". In other words, tell him you don't want to be on the "low end" of normal, you want to actually feel like a man.

In general, I have found in my life that if you go in acting laid back or like you can be pushed over, you'll get the run around from docs who think they know better than you. If you lay it on the table and say, "help me or I'm leaving to find a doc that will" you tend to get less runaround.

This doesn't help you if they don't know how to run a good TRT protocol though, or if they don't like ancillaries.


I agree with the post about finding an anti aging doctor, there is such a specialty. Go to www.bodylogicmd and find a doctor near you. It will cost you about $600 in labs and $400 for the first visit, but you will be on your way to getting this resolved. They do not take insurance, so it will be cash up front, but you can submit it to your insurance and they will most likely pay a portion. You can PM me if you want more info.


Actually I went to that site and sent an E-Mail to them last week. There's a place really close to me, they haven't responded to me yet though. Those prices seem really steep, 1 grand just to get everything started? Yikes, that will be my plan B though if my second endo trip doesn't work out.

On another note, I seem to have developed some mild gyno from the PH I used for about two weeks when I was trying to drop my test levels. Yeah I know, I should've used a SERM or something, but I didn't think I would need it, which was dumb. Anyways is there something I should take before it's too late to get rid of? Should I just wait until I see my endo next month and have him take care of it? I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to these sorts of things, and because of that I obviously shouldn't have done it to begin with, but thanks for any help.