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How to Lower Gas $'s


Let's elect a Democratic congress this fall. They will pass lots of new regs to keep the oil companies in line. Everyone knows that more laws and regulations is the answer to the problem. Our government is very efficient and they are very good at protecting us and keeping things shipshape!


Gas prices are a function of supply and demand.

The Dems will not change that.

A huge gas tax is only way to enact a change now.

The politicians would waste that money but it would most definitely change behavior.

There is no will to do it. I am not in favor of a gas tax but that is the only answer.

Taking swipes at one party verses another over this issue is pathetic.


Amazing how the administration is made up of former/current/future employees of the oil cartels, which are making record profits as gas is the most expensive it's been since the Crisis...

But, it's all the democrat's fault.

Do you ever think for yourself, or just parrot the FauxNews fact of the day?


NO please NO! We endured 40 years of that shit and it did not do a damn thing. The dems didn't do shit in the '70's except appease terrorists and make shit worse. If anything they are even far more out of touch with any semblance of reality now. Don't gat me wrong, I am not in love the republican congress, I actually think they suck. But the democrats are scary.
We really need to dump the two party system and get some more parties involved, the two we got don't work. Yet people keep trying to align their personal beliefs with one of them. I hope the Libertarians finally take off, but I still find them two restrictive. I am a member of the Pat party. We don't give a fuck.

If you want to lower gas prices, quit buying gas. I am not saying we aren't being gouged, but if they have to shove the gas up their collective assholes, then prices will drop.


As Marmadogg states it is a supply and demand issue.

Of course it is a little more complicated than that and the government does have a place.

The oil/gas market is not a free market. Letting Exxon and Mobil was possibly a mistake. I am not sure about that. The government has a responsibility to make sure that price fixing is not occurring. With the oil companies making record profits they should get no tax breaks. There is a time and place for tax breaks. This is not it.

Clinton's administration blew it by not requiring SUVs to be regulated as tightly as cars regarding fuel economy.

Bush's administration also blew it by ignoring car fuel economy and only slightly tweaking SUV economy.

Of course ultimately the consumer has their own share of responsibility. No one forces people to drive excessive miles and buy SUVs.

The world is changing. China and India are consuming massive amounts of oil and are demanding more.

Oil prices will not drop to what they were a few years ago.

By driving a fuel efficient vehicle and carpooling etc we can all minimize the amount we spend on gas.

Of course most people are fat lazy assholes and don't want to hear that they need to exercise restraint and self control.

At some point in time we need to raise domestic production of oil. Perhaps we should wait until the middle east is pumped dry before we use any of our own oil.


Riiiight! That's also what was stated for the "shortage" of gas in the 70's when it was later uncovered that the oil companies were having tankers go out in the deserts to dumb gas to reduce supply.


I don't get it: Aren't pollsters predicting that this is how most Americans will vote this Fall? Why are you saying this? Saw this on CNN, btw.


If your 'party' does not have anyone in an elected office then your 'party' is nothing more than a cute club.

I am registered unaffiliated and will remain so.


Does anyone have a good reason why we should not be drilling for oil in the U.S.A. ?


"David Winston, a GOP pollster, said the size of the retirement package of former Exxon Mobil chief executive Lee R. Raymond has added to public outrage over rising gasoline prices. Winston said the multimillion-dollar package made people doubt oil companies' assertions that market forces and not their drive for profits stood behind the run-up in gasoline prices.

Raymond received $48.5 million in salary, bonus and incentive payments last year; he got a $98.5 million lump-sum retirement package in January, when he left the company; and he had accumulated by the end of 2005 $183 million in Exxon shares and unexercised stock options with a net worth of $69 million."

But Republicans are for the workingman...

Oil companies are fucking us. They will not stop until the government steps in.


We are saving it for when the rest of the world runs dry.


What a retarded thread...


I got two votes in the last big election, doesn't that count? I am trying to get other people (other than myself) to join my party. I think I am going to offer free beer.


Or maybe we'd like to preserve our incredible wilderness so that many future generations can enjoy it? without smothering everyting in spilled oil? The ammount of oil in the US is a drop in the bucket compared to what's in the ME. Even if we DID drill it, we'd use it up pretty damned quick, and it really wouldn't help lower the price of fuel and if it DID, rest assured, it'd be temporary.

Maybe what we should be doing is shudder start producing Bio-Diesel and E-82 (using ethanol made from corn, not from natural gas)! Maybe we should stop using petrolium products to produce elecetricity! Maybe we should build more wind power plants and "pebble-bed" nuclear plants, that are incredibly safe and ACTIVELY DEPLETE weapons grade uranium? Perhaps more people should ride motorcycles or drive fuel efficient cars! Perhaps more people should start thinking of good, efficient Mass Transit as a NECESSARY EXPENDITURE of their city/county budgets, and elect councilmembers that will act accordingly!

For cyring out loud - oil and other petrolium products are ONLY GETTING MORE EXPENSIVE, and NOTHING is going to stop that, not even drilling in the US. What WILL ease the pain in our pocketbooks is if we start implimenting alternative fuels - those of you who drive diesel vehicles, start with bio-diesel! It's simple, inexpensive, and if you make it yourself from used fast-food restaurant oil, if's basically FREE GAS.

I mean really. What's so freakin' hard about all this?

...sorry for the rant. I'm just so sick and tired of all these republicans with their fucking humvees and booming stock in Exxon or Shell complaining about how goddamn expensive gasoline is.


Yup. As Zap noted, things are only gonna get worse, due more to China and India than us.

I thought this was interesting though, and I'm inclined to agree that nuclear power is probably the best immediate solution:


Ethanol is corporate welfare pure and simple. It will only cost us money. It is not a solution.

Biodiesel from fryers is amusing but there is not nearly enough to make any real difference.

There are some charlatans that are claiming to turn organic waste into biodiesel but I think they are full of shit.

Windmills are better than they were but they have their own issues. Environmentalists fight against them everywhere they try to put them up.

Nukes have their own problems but we must seriously consider building a bunch.

None of this stuff is a cure but we have to stop wasting fuel.

I am so sick of seeing soccer moms use Hummers as grocery getters. Especially when they have John Kerry and "peace is patriotic" bumper stickers. These limo libs are worse than the fat cat republicans.


Great post. Couldn't agree more!


Do you live near an oil drilling operation?

Not one person in America wants oil drilling "in their backyard" but everyone wants cheaper oil.

The other problem is getting the oil companies to drill in the U.S.

What benefit do the oil companies have for drilling in the U.S? None

Do you want to guess where the oil from Alaska will be shipped?


How does that benefit us?

It does not.

The politicians are talking out of the arse on this topic.

My companys energy sector analysts are laughing at the politicians and us.

Set down the talking points and use some logic.


how is ethanol corporate welfare? i admit i don't have much in-depth information about the situation in Brazil, but they use tons of ethanol and it seems to be working well for them.


I'd buy "as bad", but why "worse"? I'll agree Limo libs are hypocrites, but why is that worse than being a predator?

Just trying to understand the source of your bias... :wink: