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How to Lower Dose?

I have been on 500mg of test E for 10 weeks now, after a few more weeks i am going to cruise at a trt dose.
My question is, when i decide to cruise at 200mg per week, can i shoot all 200 in one pin every monday because it is enanthate?

Right now i am spliting the 500mg each week, 250 monday, 250 thursday
Also, i have been taking arimidex at .25 EOD, should i still continue that during the 200mg of test cruise?

a lot of guys will split that 200mg and shoot tiny amounts subq everyday. It results in far more stable levels and much less aromatization. You can pin it all at once on one day tho

if you are only injecting 200mg, you likely wont need as much adex as you are needing with 500mg.