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How to Lose Visceral Fat


How does one lose visceral fat, especially the one underneath the abs?


A healthy diet and consuming a caloric deficit.

The healthy diet part is fun.


There is no way to specifically target visceral fat. The only way is to reduce your overall body fat, which you could achieve through proper dieting and hardcore (read HIIT or similar) exercise.


I see. However, it's quite baffling that I'm developing a 6-pack beer belly. I'm sure I'm losing fat from the outside, but the fat beneath my abs is stubborn.


That 6 pack beer belly is something to be concerned about. Fix up your nutrition and lifestyle habits.


Some of are the opinion that visceral fat requires a different dietary approach than subcutaneous fat.

I read something recently on this but I don't remember the details and I have no idea if it is valid.

Are you losing fat now? What is your diet like?


The man said he was losing fat and bringing out his abs, it's not like he's sitting on his ass eating cheetos!...

Hey Brudda', check out this article, it should help a bit...


I hear its the last fat to leave.


Chuck Liddell has a serious case of beer-belly abs. Trains like a beast, then eats crap. Although I'd kind of like to see a picture of your beer-belly abs on a 150 lb frame.


Nice, I've never really looked at Chuck Liddell that close to notice that.

So when you see the bb'ers like Coleman offseason and his gut is huge but the abs are still popping is that visceral fat or just GH gut?


Mine left along with the rest of it. I had a large hard globular beer belly and it just went away as a matter of course as I got healthier and in better shape. Don't know how helpful that is, but that's what happened to me. It's gone, but now I'll probably live with the stretch marks the rest of my life =[


Strange, I had read somewhere that your body gets rid of a lot of your visceral first as it is the most unhealthy. I wish I could remember where I read it.


Looking back, my belly did dwindle away first and actually pretty fast once I buckled down.


You won't see the 6 pack yet (which is why I said they were developing), but when flexed, my abs are hard and I can see at least 2 packs. However, they protrude a little more than my chest, which means there must be fat underneath. This is why my skinfold measurements give me 8% BF. It doesn't take into account my visceral fat.

What kind of stuff does Chuck eat?


Not trying to be a dick here, bit it sounds like what you have is a small chest, not a lot of visceral fat.


Agreed. At your bodyweight that seems more likely than a signifiacnt amount of visceral fat.

What are your measurements like? Try to get one around the belly button.


That may true but that is why I don't go off skinfold measurements, doesn't take into account internal fat. Get underwater weighing done or a DEXA scan. It's actually cheaper than you think.


Excellent point. Skinfold procedures seem to work decently for people with certain distribution characteristics. At my fattest, 300 pounds, I could barely pinch anything from the middle third of my disgusting body though I was quite rotund to say the very least.

I just plain don't like BF testing.

Some guys who I respect disagree with me and I understand their points about self deception and so on, but to me the trick then is to learn not to deceive yourself. I know for an absolute fact that I haven't gained any significant BF in almost a year. I don't know what the number is and can't think of anything I'd gain by finding out.

I could see my blurry abs and pinch about an inch off my stomach about a year ago and I still can. No other part of my body has changed at all either. What would attaching a numeric value to that do for me?


Why bother? What do you do with this info? I never quite understood why an average joe does this. (I am assuming you are an average joe, like myself)


I used my chest simply as a comparison point. Regardless whether my chest is big or small, my stomach does protrude and resembles a small beer belly. I'll give you guys a picture as soon as I have the means.

BTW, I'm an asian living in asia. I don't know how that's gonnna affect your advice on me, but I'm just saying it just in case.