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How to Lose Moobs?


How would I go about getting rid of them? Its frustrating because my diet is very clean but I only weigh 155 pounds. Losing weight would not be ideal since I am only 5'9 and want more muscle but if its the only way to lose the moobs I will do it.


It might be a slight case of gyno, but without pics I can't make that call. You might just be fat dude and need to drop your BF down.


At 155?


My advice would be to start training.


At 5'9'' and 155 lbs, it isn't impossible to have high body fat...hard to judge without pictures though. Throwing some more zinc into your diet is the obvious recommendation. You're going to come to cross-roads during your training where you have to reassess your goals. If it isnt gyno and it's simply fat distributed by your nipples, you have to ask yourself if you want to lose the fat at the expense of size or gain more muscle at the risk that your supple breasts get larger.

I've struggled with a similar problem. I carry fat in my chest. I'm positive I could get much bigger than I am right now, shown in my avatar, but the fat I gain is distributed unevenly in places I can't tolerate. Due to this I have to put on size slowly and prefer to keep my bodyfat levels lower at the expense of size and strength. We all have these trade-offs we have to make.




Like Da Vinci, I also store fat mainly in my nipple area.

CrystalMonkey--if it's fat storage and not gyno, you have two options:
1) Lose the fat, but at 150 pounds you'll still inevitably look "skinny fat". I've been there in the past and it doesn't look too good, but that's my opinion.
2) Gain muscle. When you are packing more meat everywhere on your body (of course, especially on your chest and the rest of your torso), it makes the fat storage in that area a lot less noticeable. When you cut down, you'll probably be more pleased than if you had cut earlier. But once again, that's my opinion.

Da Vinci has an appreciable amount of muscle so keeping a low bodyfat looks good on him. I know when I tried losing weight when I started training and without much muscle (not saying I have much now either), I wasn't happy with the way I looked.


gain some serious muscle while maintaining your body fat,as ur pecs thicken with muscle ur chest will have a more toned appearence and the fat in the nipple area would be less noticible,also if u have loose skin the muscle will take its place,i had the same problem as u and i experienced the difference when i put on a few inches on my chest.

aim to gradually get to around 200lbs,then u can start cutting down to may be 180lbs ,
i seriously doubt its gyno unless ur still in ur teens...in that case it will dissapear once ur body's finished growing.


This is false. There are thousands of guys with pubertal gyno that did NOT disappear as they got older.

I mean, seriously, I can make entire threads on this topic and people don't read them?


Imagine that, people posting here who haven't read every thread you've ever posted. How utterly ridiculous of them.


It's stickied to the top of the T-Cell and has been for about a year now.


In that case I profusely apologise. I feel like a bit of a twat now.

My bad.


In that case I profusely apologise. I feel like a bit of a plum now.

My bad.


29 years old here, and a proud member of the Gyno Club.


What a coincidence. I was just noticing that I feel a lot like an apricot right now.




I thought that thread was more for more formal gyno (with lumps). I don't have those lumps and I believe its just fatty gyno.

I will post pictures soon once I have access to a camera.

Thanks for the replies


I think it depends on how u define gyno,if its just a predisposition to fat at the nipple area then its not gynaecomastia,there has to be mammary glands and ducts preasent,and these can be felt by a sergeon,
my info is just textbook stuff though....ill try to do a bit of research on this and also read your threads too.


LOL. I'm a doctor (DDS). My info comes from personal experience, text books and actually speaking to other docs about the issue.

I defined both gyno and psuedo gyno on the very first page of that thread.


What does being a Doctor have to do with diagnosing a medical condition?...oh wait.


ah ok,i just read ur first page,so i wasnt too far off then doc?