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How to Lose Man Boobs?

Hi all.

I am writing to you about my evolution, over time, since I started going to the gym
. I am 176 cm tall and I started in 2018. At first I practiced the classic bro-split and all kinds of variations, then I gradually switched to 5/3/1 BBB.
I will attach some pictures in which you will see my current shape. I’m natural.I am open to any criticism.
My biggest problem is my chest. I don’t understand why I still have man-boobs. I went for an ultrasound, after which it showed me that it is not gynecomastia, but only fat and water (lipomastia). My doc recoomends me andractim, but it isnt found in Europe.

Now, I just finished a 2 month cut. As supplements, i take multivitamins, zinc.
I would like to know your advice for a possible future strategy.
Also, man-boobs don’t delight me at all. For a long time I was depressed and dominated by anxiety because of them. I still have moments like that, especially in the summer.
I’m waiting for your answers.
Thank you. All regards.



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What you’re doing is actually working, so keep doing that.


You are doing a really good job so far, concentrating on shoulders,upper chest and traps will take attention aways from your lower chest.

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You actually are doing a fantastic job. Because it’s Lipomastia, losing fat by cutting will decrease the fat content of your chest as well, so keep doing what you are doing. Also, if you focus on building exercises for your pecs to make them more 3D with muscle it really takes attention away from any extra fat localized to this area. Like @Malaka79 says, building the whole shoulder girdle will mask it.

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Thank you, guys, for support. I feel better now.

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You have data (pics) of your issue at three different bodyweights. As they say, two data points don’t make a trend, but three do, and in your case, the trend is very clear: The leaner you are, the less prominent/noticeable are your ‘man-boobs’ (your term). From this we can infer two things:

  1. your ultrasonographer was correct–they are composed of adipose, not breast tissue; and
  2. the answer to your question, which is: Get to and maintain a level of leanness at which you are comfortable with the appearance of your chest.

Additionally, and to echo what was said above: A hypertrophy program focused on your delts, upper chest and traps would make any remaining lower-chest fat even less noticeable, so improving those areas should be the focus of your lifting program.

Finally: Although there is no evidence you have or are predisposed to gynecomastia, given the heavy psychological toll your lipomastia has taken of you, I don’t think you should risk it. So in that regard, I would recommend avoiding activities that put you at risk for it, namely the use of anabolic steroids and marijuana. Best of luck reaching your goals.