How to Lose Fat at 55 Years Old?

Dr Darden,
Please forgive me if you have covered this.
I am 55 years old 212 lbs at 24 percent bodyfat workout vigorously 4 days per week about 2200 cals per day
I want to lose fat whilst retaining strength and muscle mass.
Can you please tell me how to do that?

I believe you should do the program in my book, Killing Fat.

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At 55 years old you are going to have a harder time at this due to hormonal decline but its still perfectly attainable to lose a good bit of weight. Don’t worry about the muscle as much right now, you are going to lose some. It will be easy to put it back on though once you are at a healthier BF %.

Please describe in detail what you do and for how long.

Please describe in detail what you eat every day. Do you know your macros?

If you are really only eating 2200 calories a day at 212lbs that should definitely be below your maintenance you may just need to adjust what these consist of and when you eat them.

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I agree with the Doc. Do Killing Fat, but do it all. I did it strictly in 2020 for 12 weeks, lost 32 lbs. Didnt lose very much muscle. The only deviation was I didnt do the cold dips, my wife wouldnt let me use a shitload of ice in the bathtub. I subbed daily cold showers and was able to lose 3 lbs per week with no real difficulties. I tried the cold packs too, but they didnt help even a little bit. The Doc knows his shit with the thermo stuff, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Killing Fat.

By the way, I am 64.

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How long did you do the cold shower…in the shower i mean

Normal shower, except I didnt have to wait until the water got warm, Id say probably 8-10 minutes, but I didnt time them.

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30 mins on recumbant bike 30 minutes, up to 135 hr, maintained.
3 days a week medium heavy weights 30 mins 150 hr maintained
10 oz of salmon twice per week mixed greens with olive oil
4 days a week chicken breast w/cheese on top mixed vegetables olive oil
Sunday cheat day some refined sugar

If you want to do it like Dr.Darden recommends your going to have to
unlearn a few things about eating and training.

Otherwise your probably going to get a bunch of suggestions on other methods.

Since your asking here on a HIT forum get the book Killing fat like Dr.Darden

I’m 57 and these type methods have worked for me for 30 years.

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I also suggest the killing fat book, follow his program to a tee, do not deviate

I fast for religious reasons.
2 meals per day, year round.
Will your program work doing this, Dr Darden?

Probably not as well, but it will work and take a little longer.