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How to Lose Belly Fat?

Hey guys
Im looking to loose some body fat specially around the belly …i dont why it looks bloated .should i take a fat burner or water pill please help

How much fat are you carrying now? Can you see any abs?

Without knowing what type of condition you’re currently in, the simple answer is you need to lose fat in general.

Since you’re posting in the beginner’s forum, i’d assume you aren’t sub 10% trying to see ab veins. A picture would really help assess to give appropriate feedback. If you have significant fat to lose, fat burners and water pills aren’t going to have the effect you’re looking for; changing your diet will.

I can click on your profile and see that you were on this site inquiring about starting a steroid cycle, testosterone supplements and now you are asking if fat burner OR a water pill is the best path to losing belly fat. Are you for real?

I mean this in the nicest possible way, but you are a complete moron. I would recommend that you accept this fact and begin the learning process. Your mental state is correctable. Start with the basics.

What does your diet and training look like?


I didn’t think to look at previous posts…

@rsingh Put in the effort and you’ll get the results. Stop trying to find shortcuts.

those question i asked to help out a friend …i never used steroids and never will !!

hey thanks for replyin buddy!
i am looking forward to lower my carb intake and running 5 km everyday as i used to.
do i need any fat burner ?

Ah, okay. Sounds legit. Not sure why there was any confusion.

Lowering carb intake may or may not be the solution. As Chris C always asks, what did you eat yesterday?

Also, running may or may not be the solution as well. Your method should meet the goal. If your goal is to look like a marathon runner, then running is the solution. If the goal is to look like a Physique competitor then lifting weights and a form of conditioning work should be the method. Don’t jump all in right away lowering carbs, running everyday and starving yourself. That’s an excellent recipe for failure. Accept the fact that this is a process and will take a minimum of 1-2 years - depending on where you currently are (again a picture would help asses) - to achieve a lean muscular physique.

you all are assholes
i camehere coz i tght u guys help n not make fun

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I just love your attitude

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i was just asking for help

I lied.



And I gave you some helpful advice, starting with an accurate assessment of how you’ve portrayed yourself on these forums. You come off like someone with no concept of training or nutrition who is just looking for a magic shortcut in a vial. And that’s your problem, not mine.

It is no skin off of my back if you don’t want to acknowledge your glaringly obvious problems.

With that in mind, take a double-dose of fat burner AND the water pill. Sit back, relax and watch the results materialize. Its just that easy.

i never said i will take them no mater what !i just asked for adviseand about my nutrition i take 250 grams of protein 300 grams of carbs and 60 grams fat.so dont teach me loser !

I miss the old days.

5/3/1, 5 pros’s, 1 accessory from Wendler 6.

4 times a week.

See you in 6 months. No, you are not allowed to miss a work out or post.

Just so you understand as you are not clear. It’s called tough love as you are being the ahole.

LOL I just imagined I heard this yelled out loud in a really thick Indian accent.

Richard Simmons has some great stuff on losing belly fat.

Well I’m sure you can tell us what your food intake looked like yesterday to hit those macros, right?

Listen, I am TRYING to help you. If you ever want to make ANY progress with fat loss and muscle gain you need - NEED - to accept the fact that you are off on a TERRIBLE foot. Forget about steroid cycles, testosterone boosters and water pills. You need to take an HONEST look at your diet and your training. You are lying to yourself if you think steroids and supplements are going to get you the results you want.

Bullshit does not fly very far on this site. We can all discern quite a bit about you just based on the questions you asked (and didn’t ask). Simply stated, if you had any experience with this process you would not be asking the questions you are. So I’ll try one more time. Please give us, and Mr. Colucci in particular, an honest response if you are SERIOUS about getting good advice.

What did you ACTUALLY eat yesterday?

What sort of training do you ACTUALLY do?

What sort of fat level are you ACTUALLY at right now?

Pictures and/or strength numbers on major lifts will also be helpful.

So, do you want free help from the internet, or do you want your delicate little ego to be stroked?