How to loose fat

diet I’d like to loose wait any suggestions for a diet

Hello there Sean,

While myself and others cannot tell the composition of your body, especially your stomach, given the lack of a picture, you may be suffering from Anterior Pelvic Tilt (commonly known as “APT”).

Here is an article on how to fix APT:

People with APT have protruding lower abdominal regions, despite being skinny or average. It is due to your pelvic girdle tilting forward (“anterior” is the terminology used for front in fitness). It may also make your butt look bigger because your glutes are then being pushed slightly backwards due to the back - or posterior - of your pelvic region being pushed backwards.

It is generally caused by either or a combination of muscle weakness or muscle tightness. Two popular reasons that come to mind are weak abdominal muscles or tight hip flexors.

If it is indeed fat, following a regular diet with a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories per week with the inclusion of exercise is the way to go. It is widely accepted that low carbohydrate diets work optimally for weight loss due to lower levels of Insulin, less water being retained in the body, and dietary choices when people opt for higher fat in their diets (which usually equates to a higher protein intake).

how tall are you…

I am literally scared shitless asking that question.

I am assuming because you expect the same answer that I am…:confounded:

This is just poor posture.

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How would I fix it

My dad always yelled at me to stand up straight, and it seemed to work. Maybe get an authority figure to do the same for you.


You just look untrained. At your age play a ton of sports and build an athletic base and your “belly” will dissapear overnight

Yeah with that response posture isn’t the issue cause I am standing straight up

I posted some pics

I’m 5ft 8in

Not in that photo. You are leaning back, with your hips forward.

It’s bad posture because it is APT.

Yes; APT is bad posture.


You got visible abs… would not be worried

I look it up a you can check if it’s apt by touching the front and back pointy parts of your hips and seeing if the front is raised more then the back and mine are even

I play sports year football, basketball and basketball and track at the same time and I lift during football season

Ok thats great to hear.

Then diet is what you need to look at. For a start up your protein and greens and cut out all sugar products like soda, candy/sweets/cake