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How to Look Scary in a Rough Neighborhood


I thought this was funny because it was meant to be good advice.


1) Consider wearing a hooded sweatshirt or hooded coat with the hood pulled over your head. When people can't really see your face, they are more wary of approaching you. With your hood up and your head down, you become an unknown quantity on the streets.

2) Look people in the eye if they approach you. Looking away is always viewed as a sign of weakness. Feeling safe is a matter of displaying confidence.

3) Talk to yourself as you walk. When people think that you are mentally unstable, they have a tendency to leave you alone. This may sound silly, but making people nervous before you allow them to make you nervous is a valuable weapon when you have no other defense.

4) Walk confidently and determinedly without smiling. Walk tall with your shoulders back and chest out, exuding confidence that you may not feel. Even if you are lost, look and walk like you know where you are and where you are going. Confidence is the most intimidating thing that you possess under these circumstances.


Eliminate 1 and 3 and it isn't bad advice at all.

In fact, the only reason 1 is wrong is because if people can't see your face, chances are you can't see those fuckers over there sneaking up behind you.


Dont do this in the brownsville projects in Brooklyn, NY. The young kids will throw empty bottles at you for no good reason.


Holy shit that's great. I'll use that in the ghetto that is London.


2 and 4 are pretty decent advice actually. There have been polls of prison inmates that said that over 50% of inmates questioned, they had, in the past, avoided committing a crime against someone because they looked confident.

It makes sense if you think about it. If you're looking for someone to mug, you're not going to target the person that obviously has something to be cocky about (a gun?), you're going to target the guy/girl who seems lost and nervous.

In response to the "acting mentally unstable" one, there was a girl at my school a couple of years ago who was running in the early morning when a guy pulled up in a car to attack her. He approached her, and she dove to the grass next to the sidewalk, started tearing out grass and putting it in her mouth, and growling/barking. The guy proceeded to call her crazy, and drove off. It seems stupid, but hey it's worked at least once.


Haha! Yeah, it's really rough around these parts cough cough.


I would pay to see that happen.


Up until a few years ago when I began to drive, I would walk anywhere and everywhere, even through the bad drug addict/hobo parts of town. While RUNNING and wearing a thick jacket, steel toe boots, and carrying a large golf umbrella, pointed outwards as to spear perpetrators I successfully avoided the bad people in the bad parts of town. Although, I live in Canada, where you probably don't need to mug people if you could afford to get a gun.


Wear flaming armor and carry a 5-foot double-edged sword that shoots energy bolts.


What is it like in BC... in whatever city you live in?
I heard it's more rough that Toronto, which is pretty easy.


I would not suggest looking anyone in the eye, unless they directly start a conversation with you. Someone could perceive you as mad-dogging them and then the shit might hit the fan. Mind your business and don't give off the impression that you are a pussy.


Juelz Santana got robbed in Ldn



I'm sure if you were holding a head or a dead cat/ animal , people would leave you alone.


Yeah lol. Walk down the messed up parts of the Bronx at night alone, and look people directly in the eyes as you pass by them. Also have a microcam attached to you and stream live feed. Don't forget to give us the link beforehand.
Starts making popcorn


Number 4) is the only one that could be applied anywhere you go. I've been through parts of Cali and Detroit a lot. It's all about how you carry yourself, yet have that confidence that shows you're not one to be fucked with if shit hits the fan. Yet I'm always respectful of whatever streets I'm going through. You never know whose "turf" it is.




I live in abbotsford , BC but its pretty bad down here. Gang shootings so often our local newscast ctv had a huge case on 21 shootings in 1 month. this is all over the lower mainland not just my city. In my highschool a guy who was in his graduation year got stabbed in his neck and tazored. From a rival school.


i just stared at ur avatar for past 7 minutes. No I'm not high


carry a Colt M-1911.