How to Look Like I Actually Lift

[quote]Chris Colucci wrote:
First, a lot of really smart dudes gave you great advice last week. If you wanted more detail, that’s fine, just ask. But I hope you at least started to implement some of what was suggested there.

Second, you should probably mention here that you didn’t “just” go from 190 to 155. You started at 155 two years ago, then went up to 190, and now back down to 155. It tells the bigger picture of your training history.

Third, every stat you just listed is 10-15 pounds different than you stated just a week ago. If you’re estimating, that’s totally cool, but tell us so we know what we’re working with.

Fourth, 5/3/1 is fine and can be used for bodybuilding, but like I pointed out to you in the other thread, Wendler himself said it should not be done with WS4SB as assistance work like you were thinking about doing.[/quote]

I just wanted to let you know your efforts to look at everyone’s post history when they ask a question to get a better idea of where they’re coming from doesn’t go unnoticed. Consistently good advice, too!