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How to Look Bloated and Terrible for "Before" Photo?

Hi Paul,

My gym is doing a 2 month transformation challenge. I want to win the major prize (trip to Hawaii).

Unfortunately I’m already in pretty good shape from gym, surfing and work. I’m wondering if you can give any tips on how to look terrible for the before photo (Feb 3) so help better my chances of winning!

Thanks heaps

Take the opposite approach. Look as good as you can in the before pic, and use the 2 months of the challenge to look really terrible. They didn’t indicate what direction the transformation had to done, and you’ll be sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach while those other suckers tried to do it the traditional way.


Haha if only.

I was thinking stop all excercise a couple of days out. Smash heaps of salt to try and hold more water… Carbo load. Then on the day eat as much maccas and shit that I can… Maybe even have a bunch of beers before turning up for the photo.

Try this …

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I took this a while back to demonstrate how posture and flexing the abs correctly can fool people.

10 seconds apart…


Krispy kremes for breakfast and go out and get shithoused the night before?!? :partying_face:

Nothing makes a before and after picture quite like meth. So, meth.


Lots of salt and water.

bloody mary’s. a lot. Ive never been so bloated in my life then when i got white girl wasted off about a gallon of them. Oh and waffle house.

Alright. Eating day. Decided to go for 25 packs of meegoreng instant noodles. Should be 9735 calories and almost an ounce of salt for less than 10 Aussie dollars. Wish me luck

It’s 10am and I’m 7 packages down so far.

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Just remember, you can’t win if you die due to a radical diet change.

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If you don’t mind it’d be interesting to see how you end up looking just out of curiosity.


The best thing about this for me is entirely unrelated to the topic. When I feel too fluffy, now I just flex and go, okay, it’s not too bad. Long game.

Exactly, if your comparing your current condition to instagram folks then you have to bear that in mind. Every pic is flexed with good lighting and nice angles.

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