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How to Lift Early in the Morning?


Hi buddies,
I read alot about my fellow T-Nationers lifting heavy ass weight early in the morning. I would love to be able to lift early. In the mornings I find that it takes me forever to wake up and my joints take while to get free. Also Ive read it take 4-5 hours for your CNS to fully wake up and hence can be dangerous to lift heavy early in the morning.
Anyway my question is; how do I became a morning person?

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Don't birds get up early?



Makes perfect sense. We wake up in the morning, and then around lunch time the CNS comes online. Yep.


The early bird catches the worm. In your case you definitely have to train in the morning:)


I imagine if you started lifting in the morning your body would adapt after a few crappy weeks.


You become a morning person by sucking it up for the first 3 or 4 days til you get used to it. Power Drive, GPC, or a stimulant would probably help too.


I hate when I get up at 6 AM, go chop and haul wood, or shovel snow, mow the lawn, or do cardio and my damn lazy CNS is still in bed 5 hours later, near lunchtime, snoring away. I mean, I'm ready for a nap and my CNS comes strolling into the kitchen wanting breffus.


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Yeah, just start doing it, and you'll get used to it after a few days and start having great workouts.


I hear you Steely. I'm up at a 1/4 4 and my CNS is just laying in the bed like "I dare you to wake me up mofo, I double dare you". Actually, my CNS sound very much like Samual L. Jackson. "say what again"

  • if you want to train from 6am, be asleep by 9pm and get up at 4am


A lot of the times i do my leg workouts in the morning. It's hell ,atleast for me .


Overstand is totally right!

I've been training at 6am in the last year and a half... I'm off to bed at 9pm, get up at 4.45, drink a protein shake with rice cakes at 5-5.10, start loosen up my hips-shoulders 20 min before training, start training at 6am.

My CNS "doesnt require xy amount of hours to function properly"... don't forget, symphathetic stimulus activates fast and has a long-lasting effect. It takes more time to "cool down", or to turn off yourself.

And you know what? At this gym, there are always 10-15 people at early morning.. They apparently have problem with CNS activation.

Otherwise, the best is to start the workout with some compound movement, ramp up. Everything will feel like child's play after that..

Heck, this morning my hip-knee-ankle joints were so good that I squatted with 300 pounds at 6.10am without any difficulty. The body will adapt.

And after long months of training early, I've learnt how to "turn on" myself after just a few minutes. It usually takes only a few minor sets of some compound to start the blood running, then I'M good for everything.

Oh, I'm only 20yers old, so I don't have problem with joints-tendons-ligaments.. But I've attempted to train at 8am when I was 17 and it was hell, literally. But the human body has incredible ability to adapt.



My CNS slept with my girlfriend last night. Bitch...


My friend told me his CNS is gay pretty jokes


To echo those other posts, I hate it when my cns sleeps in too! Lazy fucker.

Just suck it up for a week or so. Your circadian rythm will adjust.

  1. I wake up at 5:45 every morning and have done so for a number of years now. Assuming I go to sleep at my normal time, I'll wake up within 30 minutes of this time with out an alarm, my body just has a programmed rythm.

  2. I hate waking up though and have found that training myself to jump out of bed at the first sound from my alarm helps me get my wheels moving. No snooze button, no laying around.

  3. I have my coffee pot on timer so it's waiting for me and I have some asap w/a quick breakfast

  4. I stand under a cold shower and shave.

After these four steps, I am fully awake and alert.

  1. I hit the gym. I go through a thourough warm up, both on a treadmill/bike/stairclimber et cetera and on my lifts, slowly building up to my working weight just to shake any remaining cobwebs / get my blood flowing.

If the cold shower and coffee didn't jolt me awake, an early morning training session has me energized all day.


Thanks buddies!!

I think Caveman101 wins "best advice of the day" award.
I suppose at the moment due to my work schedule Im all over the place, some days I have to wake up at 5 and then other days I can wake up at 7. I train all over the place aswell, for example I train at 9pm at night on Wednesday and then 10am on Thursday. No wonder my CNS is confused!!
In the new year I might get a more steady work schedule and can get up and train at a normal time every day.


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ask Mike O'hearn he's the crazy guy deadlifting 700 pounds at 4am @ venice

the guys who tell you it takes your CNS a few hours to wake up are usually the same guys who will give you the "are you crazy you gonna kill yourself" look when they see you eat 4-5 eggs while chewing on their pizza and icecream


Yes. The early bird catches the worm. Cock-a-doodle-doo.


Mike Ohearn is my hero, wish hed gotten the part for superman