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How to Know When You Need a Really High Carb Day on a Cut?


Been dieting hard since March and I’m down to sub 8.5% BF after last dexascan, I’ve been about 1.5 months since an actual cheat meal and I’m definitely hitting a wall in terms of how I feel, energy is fine for workouts since I workout in the morning but in the afternoon I am dead. Thing is I’m still making noticeable gains from a BF perspective so my question is because I’m feeling progressively more like dirt should I just suck it up and keep grinding if I’m still seeing progress or should I throw in a much higher carb day on say leg or back day? FWIW my goal is to get as freakishly lean as possible - going to stop the diet either in beginning or end of August.




Means you’re right on track. A “cheat” day or high carb day isn’t going to be the end of the world, but achieving “freakishly lean” status requires you to feel like shit.

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By the way, if you’re sub 8.5% via dexascan, you’re already very fucking lean and there’s no need to push further, but that’s your prerogative.


Yes, definitely throw in a refeed. You could even do it on a rest day. Doesn’t necessarily need to be on a day you workout.