How to Know When You Need a Really High Carb Day on a Cut?

Been dieting hard since March and I’m down to sub 8.5% BF after last dexascan, I’ve been about 1.5 months since an actual cheat meal and I’m definitely hitting a wall in terms of how I feel, energy is fine for workouts since I workout in the morning but in the afternoon I am dead. Thing is I’m still making noticeable gains from a BF perspective so my question is because I’m feeling progressively more like dirt should I just suck it up and keep grinding if I’m still seeing progress or should I throw in a much higher carb day on say leg or back day? FWIW my goal is to get as freakishly lean as possible - going to stop the diet either in beginning or end of August.



Means you’re right on track. A “cheat” day or high carb day isn’t going to be the end of the world, but achieving “freakishly lean” status requires you to feel like shit.


By the way, if you’re sub 8.5% via dexascan, you’re already very fucking lean and there’s no need to push further, but that’s your prerogative.


Yes, definitely throw in a refeed. You could even do it on a rest day. Doesn’t necessarily need to be on a day you workout.

Being Lean is nice, it’s nice to take your shirt off in front of a mirroir and in front of people…but you feel like shit, does it Worth it ? Life it not only about getting lean as possible…you won’t win a million with your shape right now !!


IF you are not on Testosterone (TRT), probably your T , Estrogen, DHT lvls are very low.
And that is why you feel like crap. maintain a very low BF for long period of time destroy your hormonal balance.

Agreed, since this thread I called it quit with the cut, was actually lower BF than I thought and wasn’t worth feeling like complete crap when not doing a show or anything. Since then been upping calories with good foods and still very lean but 8lbs heavier and feeling a lot better. Using this time to get a head start on putting some muscle on while hopefully staying relatively lean especially for the remainder of the summer.