How to Kickstart Growth Unilaterally?

Hello CT, guys,

Does anyone have an effective strategy to increase mind muscle connection unilaterally?
I’ve always had a better connection with pushing muscles and a worse one with pulling muscles.
In some pulling muscles, I noticed that isometric methods are by far the best strategy to increase intramuscular awareness and performance.

However, when I use these methods to bring up the biceps (weakest muscle in my body and hardest to develop), it seems I can recruit my lift biceps a lot better than my right one. The stubborn bastard always stays half asleep during the movement.

Does anyone recognize this issue?

My body proportions:
length: 178 cm
arms length: 179 cm (average arms, average ulna length)
leg length (toe to supra iliac): 90-91 cm

I’m a long legged, long armed (according to measurements, my humerus length looks kind of short), short torso lifter. I’m a fairly strong presser (bigger triceps + chest) and weak puller (weaker biceps, lats and midback).

Happy holidays!

Hmmm yeah I have some muscles than I can definitely feel better. Sometimles I try dumbbells, or focus my mind on the lagging one.

Isometrics are indeed a great tool for this. You can also try slow eccentrics and concentric, or very high reps

No, you have regular arms length. You’re balanced. For comparison, I am 185 cm with 193 arms.

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climber froths at mouth


Yeah no wonder I’ve always favored the deadlift!

Yeah I probably need to rephrase that lol. What I meant was that I do have average arms AND an average ulna length. Therefore I should use the long arms approach according to CT’s recommendations.

Massive thanks for responding mate, I appreciate any feedback on this subject and will try out some of these methods!

Longer TUT, squeezing and isometrics do help with the mind muscle connection. Sadly I tend to feel it more in my right bicep tendon and my forearm. Even when I’m holding the weight with a relaxed hand, my forearm still gets activated pretty hard. On the longer TUT sets I can experience cramps on the back of my right hand running from my forearm to the knuckle of my middle finger. Weird shit I know.

193 cm, that’s huge man!

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Unfortunately I’ve not been able to do arms in quite some time because of elbows issues, but I did one quick biceps session like a month ago and this burnt like crazy: Meadows 21’s:

• Start with 7 upper half EZ bar curls
• 7 full curls
• 7 lower half curls

I have to admit the famous 21’s never disappoint at providing pumps. I used to perform this method years ago. Perhaps it’s time to bring it back and try it out unilaterally.

Take care of those elbows man. Slow eccentrics with light weights/bands and longer TUT for sets of 20-30 reps can be beneficial for improved recovery depending on the issue.

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Going to do these ASAP. Last time I was doing fat gripz curls and reverse and it helped. Problem is that work aggravates it but I manage to stress it way less now (work caused it in the first place). Was also stupid doing 100 weighted pullups in a row thinking it had recovered fully lol

Inside elbow pain? If so, visit my log

Generic cranky elbows? See below