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How to Kick off a Training Routine?


Hey everyone, looking for a the right way to start of the routine, considering i'm starting off as overweight. Currently I stand 5ft 9in and weigh 85kg. Not sure about fat ratio's but my belly and butt indicate it must be a high percentage.

I've read around the site and conclude that there are two distinct paths, either hit cardio, slim down, then work on muscle OR to start working on the muscle,build that and later trim down on fat that'll also make loosing fat easier later on. I'm looking to get into shape, not a massive build like many here just a well toned body, from there i want to move onto developing strength.

Anyone around who's started off similar to where I am now or any advice on how to progress? looking forward to making some real changes.


If you're already overweight, no one here would tell you to start off bulking. I don't think you can be that overweight, but it doesn't hurt to get to a body image you feel comfortable with before starting to gain muscle.

However, this doesn't mean hit the cardio. Most people here will tell you, and I agree, that weight training is critical to losing fat. Losing fat is accomplished with DIET, you aren't going to bulk up doing squats and bench presses if you're in a caloric deficit - it just doesn't work like that. Your body isn't building massive amounts of tissue if you are eating less energy than it's using.

Figure out how much you're eating right now (count calories for a day or 5). Reduce that by 500 per day. That's your target calories.

As far as what you should eat, set protein intake at 2g protein per kg bodyweight (170g protein/day for you). That's 680 calories. Fill out the rest of your calories with mostly fat (which is 9 calories/gram), allow yourself as few carbs as possible (below 150 is ok, below 100 is better). Target as many of those carbs pre/during/post workout as possible.

Depending on how much time you have at the gym, a 3 day weights/2days cardio split would be a good start if you can do it.


Makes sense, a diet is crucial the issue with counting calories and other variables is the kind of food I consume. generally hard to estimate the precise amount of carbs, proteins etc. As of now about 1500 to 1800 cals is my daily intake. I think thats great advice to first at least get into a form that im alright with. Right now 188 pounds at 5'9, 160 pounds sounds better.

About training, as of now a combo of cardio and weights would be good. Cardio I understand but how do we progress with weights? after I can pull about 14 reps with a weight push it up a notch? or increase reps in order to assist with fat burning. How is cycling for cardio not in the gym, outdoors maybe some mountain biking. Im planning 6 days a week at the gym about 90 min a day for both cardio and weights.


Being honest man, I doubt you are eating that few cals. Make sure to count every piece of food or drink all day long, including fruit juice/soda/snacks. Most people underestimate their intake.

Also, if you are currently not training at all, you might not need to decrease. Increased caloric expenditure from working out may do the trick for a while. Adjust calories once progress stalls.

As far as weightlifting, the number of reps is somewhat personal preference but depends on exercise. Low rep sets are Bench, Squat, Overhead Press and Deadlift (I like 3-5 reps). Next range up is dumbbell movements, chins/pullups, and back exercises typically anywhere between 6-10 reps. I wouldn't worry about anything higher rep than that.

There are many ways to progress. The most basic is probably increasing reps each week until you hit the top of your desired rep range, then increase weight. For example, once you can bench 135 for 5 reps, bump up to 145 and stick with that until you can bang out 5.

There are lots of programs on this site. Pick any one that has you squatting, bench pressing, overhead pressing and deadlifting each once a week and you should be ok.


I should note... some people do better counting every calorie anally... some people do better just being told to "eat less" or "eat more" and like to ballpark. It's all about the type of person you are, either will work.




Overweight? Really?

Gain 20lb of muscle, than cut. Or better yet, focus on building strength, while hitting some cardio. PM me for more beacause tho mods would ring my neck if I posted a link.