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How to Keep Weight After Dbol Cycle?

Hey. If I cycle 500 mg test and dbol. Will I keep the weight I gain with dbol if I cruise 500 test EW after I cut out dbol?

Male 30.

Cruise on 500mg test?

Are you Ronnie Coleman or something?

I used to be down to give constructive advice after seeing these posts. But now when I see this I feel sad, someone who thinks it’s acceptable to cruise on 500mg test/w clearly hasn’t taken the time to educate him/herself about AAS at all, yet has already pulled the trigger and started using. It’s frustrating and is by and large one of the reasons why AAS get such a bad rep.

You don’t cruise on 500mg/wk, that’s a permablast and you’ll regret permablasting down the line. You’ll probably regret AAS use down the line too, but not to the extent/quite as soon as you’d regret permablasting.

You cruse at TRT doses and/or marginally above. How long have you been using dbol for?

Simple answer is “No”.

A typical oral cycle usually lasts 4-6 weeks correct? What if he meant continuing on with the 500mg test for the remainder of his cycle, would that help dbol gains stick, vs dbol at the end.

So 500mg test + dbol for 6 weeks, then another 6-8 weeks of test only at 500.

Difference between weight and mass, right? Since a lot of the increase from dbol is water, when he stops that’ll drop, but any actual mass built would hold if he stays on 500mg test for the rest of the cycle

That’s what I meant. English is not my original language. Thanks.

Yes I understood and the answer is still… No.

Why not consider turinabol (Tbol), Dbol’s drier cousin?

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I like tbol. Good strength. IMO better than var for me, but the var was suspect. I would rather have a liver impact than kidney (var is processed mostly by kidneys).

That makes sense

I just started a blast of Tbol. 25 mg twice daily. Only been about 10 days. Strength does seem to be going up. No cramping (so far) either like var gives me.


You know turinabol is going to fuck up your lipids just as bad as Anavar did. What’s more, taking c-17aa AAS + statins (this includes red yeast rice) can lead to devastating hepatic pathology.

Food for thought, orals probably aren’t worth it for those with pre-existing dyslipidemia.

Yup… I was just put on a statin ending my love affair with orals. So sad.

How about if you’re taking just Ezetimibe? Same issue with orals?

To an extent, as ezetimbe is associated with transient elevations in LFT’s and rarely cholastasis.

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None of the AAS are likely a good idea (unless prescribed by a doctor for health reasons, or if intelligently prescribed by oneself for medical issues, I don’t think a Dr is always necessary to diagnose issues depending on the individual). Perhaps @studhammer should avoid orals. IIRC, he has said kidney labs have not been the greatest. If that is the case, I would use something like Tbol over Var due to the Tbol impacting mostly liver, and Var impacting mostly kidney.

C17-aa compounds are considerably more toxic than 17b esterified injectables. Drug interactions (i.e concurrent hepatotoxicity) are a serious concern with orals. Orals also tend to fuck up lipids a whole lot worse than injectables, with trenbolone being a notable exception.

When looking at the pharmacokinetics of oxandrolone, it would appear as if renal strain would be a distinct possibility. With that being said, postmarketing reports regarding oxandrolone mediated kidney strain are sparse. To my knowledge the oral most implicated with inducing renal failure would be stanozolol. Acute biliary obstruction directly leads to renal impairment and rarely acute renal failure. The mechanisms by which this occurs are multi factorial.

All AAS have a correlation with renal pathology. C17aa AAS, particularly the more hepatotoxic agents are the most reliable to induce a quick deterioration in renal function… That and perhaps tren…

@Studhammer is an adult and can do as he wishes. I’m not going to preach because good GOD would I be a hypocrite if I was to give an educated person (Studhammer) shit about putting toxic chemicals into his body.

That being said I will state what I think. Given his bad lipids at baseline, consistently supraphysiologic dosing (250mg test + 200mg mast is a permablast), abnormal kidney values and more I’d strongly reconsider patterns of use if he wishes to make it out alive or without any significant medical ailments 5-10 years from now. It’s not as if you’re/he’s a teenager anymore, the body can only put up with this type of abuse for so long.

I believe these drugs can have therapeutic value depending on the context. At the same time I believe if one is going to use synthetic AAS long term for purported therapeutic benefit it is always best to do so under the supervision of a knowledgeable physician. Even if use is self prescribed, to my knowledge one can’t objectively refer themself to get an echocardiogram.

I agree that it is wise to use a knowledgeable physician, but those can be hard to find IMO. I also don’t think doctors should be the gate keepers for drugs. I think we should be responsible for our own health. I think we have discussed this, but I am libertarian in regards to personal liberties. I think many people lack critical thinking ability, and recognize many would cause harm to themselves under my proposal, but I don’t think that negative outweighs the negative of taking away personal liberty in regards to drugs.

Thank you for your concern and I do appreciate it. I will take your advice to heart and moderate (not cease) my Tbol dose. I am capping my own and have the ability to make any concentration I want.