How to Keep People from Using Barbell

I just ordered a Texas deadlift bar and I’m gonna leave it in my gym. I don’t want everybody using it. Just a select few. Anyone have any ideas how to keep people from using it? It’s gonna be stored away from everyone but I wanna make sure no one finds it and takes it out.

Is it a commercial gym? Ask the manager if they would seclude it and store it for you.

paint it pink
then only the girls will use it

Maxx Chewning puts a lock onto it, so that people realize that it’s not a regular bar, so they shouldn’t use it for squats etc and he went around in the gym and told to people that he can give the combination to the lock if they want to use it. He talks about it here: Thieves in The Gym - YouTube

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I saw that episode, was thinking about doing that but thought there may be better ideas out there

pee on it. That’ll do it.

Thanks for your reply Pete101, as you can see 2/3s of the responses are from people I wouldn’t want using my bar.

Sorry max didn’t see your post, make that % I mentioned 50/50. I have a buddy that’s gonna store it away and though it wouldn’t be out on the floor members could still go to the room and take it from the closet

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Rogue sell a barbell lock. You just need something to attach it to.

Otherwise, I would just be seen doing abductors release on the bar and no one will touch it.

I’ve been considering bringing my barbell to the gym also, but I didn’t think there would be anything wrong with others using it.

What are you wanting to prevent people from doing with the bar? I have the same bar, and I bench, squat, and dead with it at home.

We can’t do power cleans at the gym or anything that throws it around, so I’m now second guessing bringing it based on this thread!

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Bar abuse is pretty much a given at any gym.

Yea, I just don’t want anybody doing something stupid and breaking it. You know shrugs with 1,000 lbs and dropping it on the safety bars. I’m thinking that rogue lock is pretty nice, might get that. I can’t wait for the can to get here so I can break it in. Figure I’ll give 600 for a double a go since my strength is coming back now. Not a best but a best since getting sick as shit.

rogue lock
when i read this question ,gave a sarcastic answer
did not realize this was actually common enough that someone actually came up with a locking device specifly for this purpose
why not just create a home gym or storage unit gym
the people you would let use the bar could chip in
the last gym i went to they would just cut the chain,or lock

I don’t lift at a hardcore gym. No one would cut the lock but if they see the bar they might try to use it. I have a ton of weights at home but lift better at the gym. Got about 650 lbs free weight and 1,500 lbs of dumbbells that I rarely use cause I like the gym atmosphere better lol

last gym i went to most of the bars were bent,one the end kept falling off
but learned alot from some of the people there
only reason went to that gym went trough a phase where i wanted to lift with other people
if i was in the situation your in ,
back seat in my car folds down i would put the bar in trunk and tell the people i lift with what time

Rogue attaches to the sleeve but there is no reason why you can’t just get a regular old lock that fits over the bar rather than the sleeve.

That would hold the bar just as well as rogue’s lock and save you 30$

He is right, people might use the bar for pin pulls or board presses, lockouts. who knows? I’t’s best to lock it.

I saw some numbnuts take an Elieko oly bar off the lifting platform and put it on to a wooden box. Throw 3 plates on each side and do what I would call a top half deadlift with half shrug (I think he was trying to row).

Then leave with the bar still loaded and on the box. I ended up going and deloading it because I couldn’t stand to see that bar left like that.

I am firmly convinced that the only thing saving most equipment is that 95% of people are weak as fuck.

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You bench and squat with a deadlift bar? Any particular reason?

My first bar I bought was some standard 1000 lb bar, it ended up bending after about a year of regular use by myself, and actually rolled on my back once causing an injury that I still have 2 years later.

so, I bought this bar.

I only use my rack at home once every month or two.

But why do I use the same bar? Just sheer cost savings of buying 2 bars, that’s all.