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how to keep gains from mag-10?

hi everyone

I just finished a 10 day cycle with mag-10 and was wondering what the best route would be to keep my gains, minimize any loss. I am still keeping the same number of calories and as far as working out, I will be decreasing the intensity. Is there more to it?

any help is greatly appreciated.


Check out the FAQ section of my article in issue 214.


I checked it. you mean the mag-10 FAQ? it talks about it a little bit.or i am missing something.

Actually, Joel means his Ripped, Rugged and Dense 5X5 Training article. I’d definitely give it a shot. Keep us posted and good luck to you.

I found this one here under issue 214


He’s talking about his article, “Ripped, Rugged, and Dense.” Training with 85% or more of your 1RM is the best way to ensure that you hold onto your gains. As such, 5x5 or any comparable strength protocol would be the way to go. Be sure to take volume down while keeping calories up (although not at “on” levels). Fat intake should increase to support endogenous T-levels. Good luck!

I’d keep the intensity high, were I you.

Did you mean you’ll be decreasing volume?

Now i found it guys, thanks for the help.

I was talking about decreasing the weights, kind of training “light”.

Bill Roberts (inventer of MAG-10) says to train heavy after a cycle of MAG or steroids to help retain gains. Volume, meaning the number of sets per workout, should be reduced afterwards, but stay heavy for a while. And don’t forget to eat extra protein to support the new muscle! Remember, your metabolism changes the more muscle you add. You have to eat to reflect that!

What do you guys think about using a program such as Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding program during your off weeks to maintain gains?

I know it has part of the training above 80% of your 1 rep, and the other half at 60% of your one rep. Just a thought, and thatnks for the responses.