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How To Keep Endurance Up?


Most strength athletes -such as pl- have a big problem with endurance it seems. Now running seems like the best way to keep up endurance, yet I've heard that its bad for muscle growth therefore hurting strength gains.

Now I want to get stronger but I don't want to be one of those stereotypical strong guys that cant even run a mile. I have been doing strength training but my endurance and cardio has been suffering.

So what do you strength athletes do to keep your cardio up? In most strength lifting programs I see there is no cardio involved.


I guess all strength athlets don't care if they can do a sport activity for more then 10 min as long as they are lifting heavy?

The thing about running I heard was that it causes a good loss of muscle.

I know some of you care about your heart-don't want to end up like Jesse now do we?- so what alternatives do you use to keep up your endurance? To say just lift its not good enough most bodybuilders and ESPECIALLY power lifters have no endurance at all and can't run for shit.


I was going to help you tell you made that stupid comment.

Have some fucking respect

Rumors are running rampant on the forums, Callie Marunde said, with people speculating about what caused Jesse Marunde's death, frequently using drug-based themes. Yet, "the toxicology screen turned up nothing" Callie Marunde said. "Jesse died from cardiac arthythmia due to hypertrophic and dilated cardiomyopathy. We always knew he had a large heart and the coroner confirmed this, stating the enlarged heart was a genetic defect. The coroner explained that Jesse could have passed anytime. I am blessed to have so many precious memories of the short time he had with our daughter."

Callie Marunde told IronMind that she wanted to share this information from the coroner's report because "the people who are stirring the pot" have no knowledge of Jesse's family history as it relates to heart disease, and this should be emphasized.


So basically he has asthma for the heart and overworked it and he died. If it is like asthma then he could have worked his heart more and thus had stronger heart which could have handled the immense pressure he was putting on it. People with asthma can overcome it with cardiovascular work. Feel free to clear up my misconception but many pl have week hearts and put a lot of pressure of them for their lifting. The muscles keep growing while the heart keeps lagging is basically what goes on with many lifters.


Um, you couldn't be more incorrect. Strength training has significant effects on stroke volume and other indicators of cardiovascular "fitness."

You're really looking in the wrong place for info on cardio. Most strength athletes don't really care about their mile time, just like marathon runners don't care how much they can squat.


By they way, no, you can't overcome asthma with cardio.


Go do your own research before you point fingers that are incredibly rude and disrespectful to someone who could hammer almost all T-Nation members in almost any athletic event.


I've known people with asthma who have overcome it with cardio, compared to people who have asthma and don't try to run. The people who have had asthma when they were younger and did run were able to do so when they got older.

Also here is a video of VERY strong pls who don't look that fat who can't even complete ONE lap this is just sad imo. Sure you can be strong that is great but if you can't do basic activities without your heart going out its pretty useless. http://youtube.com/watch?v=IAsv_WhHPVU

Now I want to be a well rounded athlete so I was just trying to see what the strong athelets-if they do- do to keep endurance up.-You hear about bodybuilders endurance lacking all the time in posing, maybe if they did cardio they could have better performances-

Also the whole Jesse thing I used him as an example to get some discussion going, you don't know if he actually trained his heart much more if he could have avoided his accident. I think he is a great guy and was tragedy but can't tragedies be avoided or at least somewhat prepared for?

Go to my previous post to see what I think of the medical condition feel free to clear it up I didn't look into the medical jargon too much.




Show me your girlfriend and I'll show you how to keep your endurance up.


Crossfit Metcon workouts work wonders despite the sour grapes comments they get on this website. Running isn't all that good, particularly LSD running. The crossfit workouts, from my personal experience, have a huge transfer to other unrelated activities.


I surely don't wanna be like those powerlifters.

Anyway, I think a great way to up your endurance while being strong is doing strongman stuff.


Lol so your saying Jesse had no endurance?


I'm not even a powerlifter, strongman competitor, I'd rather do sports that require more running, but I can tell you from common sense that racing with 250lb anvills in both hands for 2 minutes requires an incredible amount of endurance.

He may have overworked his heart --I dont' know--- but you shouldn't disrespect the man and say he didn't have endurance. Thats like saying someone who dies from an ultramarathon has no endurance even though they just competed in a marathon.

In otherwords he was pushing himself past his limits, theres always a risk when you do that.

As far as maintaining endurance goes your body will do what you train it to do. Assess your current bodytype and past workout history and your goals and you can answer that question yourself.

I'm not trying to make you independant or anything but since I don't know your current specs I couldn't tell you to simply run 10 minutes a day 3x a week. Some people simply don't need running.


Marius pudzianowski, former worlds strongest man runs 5 miles once a week, he also skips daily for cardio.


Running is not the only way of measuring endurance, back when I use to race bicycles I could ride pretty hard for 2-3 hours, but I would be lucky if I could make one lap of a track running.

I bet if you get those same powerlifters from the video you posted on an exercise bike where they dont have to support their bodyweight you would find they have plenty of endurance (they might not outperform a serious amateur cyclist, but they will have significantly more endurance than the average person the same body weight).


That's because cycling requires less muscle mass than running (legs vs. whole body pretty much). Your heart can't handle the extra blood volume needed to fuel the extra muscles.

Interesting fact: Cross country skiers have had some of the highest ever recorded VO2 maxes. Why? Because skiing utilizes more upper body muscles than running, so more oxygen and blood volume are used.

Bottom line, for your heart, you should take up cross country skiing.


Another reason could be because their sport is done in high altitudes. They also have to adapt to the less dense air.


The definition of fitness is directly related to your chosen sport. Endurance in powerlifting is being able to perform 3 and possibly 4 lifts of each of the big 3. To this end powerlifters drag sleds, flip tires run with weights for short distances. Doing much more than that interferes with their ability to prepare for and perform their sport.

Strongman competition requires more endurance than PL'ing, but still not the amount that a Kenyan marathoner would need. Doing more endurance work than they need to beat their competition would be counterproductive.

So why pick on them for not having endurance when it's not a major component of the sport? To use a reverse analogy - "Geez - what's wrong with those heavyweight boxers who can't squat 800lbs?"


With cycling being pretty low impact, it beat the hell out of my legs. I am sure if I put a couple weeks just running, I would see a vast improvement (the foundation already being there).

The point I was trying to make is that if you want to improve in long distance running than run, but you will suffer in the gym, if you want to lift heavy stuff, then don't expect to have a competitive marathon time.

I am not even going to touch the argument of who is healthier. In my opinion it is like comparing apples and oranges. Its more important that you are getting the activity be it strength or endurance than sitting around watching TV. Both activities are good for your heart.


I cross country skiing, its awesome. Find a coach and learn how to classic and skate, awesome workout.