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How to Keep Bloat to a Minimum

How do you keep bloat down during a Test cycle? Besides clean diet, any other way? I hear you can easily gain upwards of 5-10lb of sheer water weight if you aren’t careful.

You could add Masteron or Anavar which, in my experience, help reduce excess water and keep you looking hard.

I’ve never had any bloat on tren. Even when going ape shit with the Cal’s.

Yes but TREN is pure magic.

I ate anything and everything when on tren.

In my experience water weight is most closely related to carbohydrate intake. Your body will store 3 grams of water for every gram of carb you consume. I lost 19 lbs in 2 weeks when I dropped my carbs under 20 grams a day. High estrogen. Low estrogen. High salt. Low salt. None of that ever seemed to cause any appreciable change but low low carb is magic for water weight. Just fyi


Will keep this in mind.


how bad can tren fuck you up though? I hear tren is serious stuff and people get insane on it

Tren is a serious case to case substance, it’s definitely a compound that amplifies whatever runs through your head, so if you are anxious, depressed, angry or really anything it just ramps that shit up to 11, like personally on 350mg I hold had tren-somnia, no rage, were as I’ve seen guys run 50mg and almost use it as an excuse, just play it by ear and have someone to kind of gauge you!

As far as water retention it has a lot to do with your e2 levels, so if your A.I is on point you should see minimal retention!

hm, well that would be interesting.

I think some people overstate the mental effects of tren. Its become more of a meme now on reddit. As long as you pre-think about a potential situation, you are unlikely to act on it. When I am on the street, Tren fills me with anger if someone cuts me off or does something stupid. But I learn to control it by telling myself before hand to bottle that shit up. It helps.

Other side effects - insomnia, frequent urination, lethargy. All the standard shit of being on cycle.

But, if you are an emotionally unstable person, don’t start with Tren. I have a bodybuilding friend who is pretty unstable emotionally, especially around relationships and women. He could not go above 350 Tren E/week without loosing it.

The other responses have been spot on. For me, it made into someone my wife did not like.

Uhhhhhh, this is not a side effect of being on cycle… this is a side effect of an enlarged prostate, get that checked out ASAP

The side effects aren’t overstated. Perhaps the transient and/or acute side effects are. The long term lethality of the substance is actually understated

Have you gotten ANY bloods so far, invested in blood glucose testing equipment, if not

Then this is the pot calling the kettle black

I wouldn’t take advice from r/steroids either

There’s no need to attempt to downplay the risks because you’re potentially uncomfortable (or simply don’t know/want to comprehend) what you’re getting yourself into. I’ve been acting stupid in Europe, however I do frequently say “I’ve been acting like an idiot… I’ve been behaving irresponsibly/recklessly”… I don’t say “but I’m on holiday… or, sleep is an over exaggerated commodity”… or “I think the effects of recreational drug/alcohol abuse, lack of sleep, junk food and fizzy drinks are under rated because I walk/run everywhere”… I’m well aware that acutely, I’m systemically destroying myself, and if I was to live say to day life the way I’ve been living currently I’d be dead by age 35-40, I own up to my bad behaviour… I don’t defend it. However… I do administer precordial examinations to myself frequently, I’ve had my BP checked twice, I’ve been to the GP as I’ve been partying with chronic rhinosinusitis and an irritated throat (got a prescription for Codeine wootwoooooooot, doesn’t make me puke anymore). At the very least I’m taking precautions, you permablast a gram of tren weekly + other compounds, put significant strain on you’re long term relationships, don’t take bloods, brush off a near death experience… then say “trend mental sides are over-rated”… that seriously grinds my gears and is what I’d consider a “hardcore tren comment”

You wouldn’t ignore the notion of you’re partner being uncomfortable polyamory but begrudgingly letting you because she doesn’t want to lose you if you weren’t on tren… that’s a significant, significant, significant, SIGNIFICANT, detrimental psychological side effect. If you’re reading this you may be thinking about reaching through the screen, perhaps grabbing me (thinking of me as some helpless guy who isn’t powerful as he isn’t on the magical elixir of tren) and beating me senseless (or worse)… or not, but if you are… that’s once again the tren talking.

Also this

Is concerning… bottling things up will cause you to explode over time. I’d suggest seeing if you’re gym has a heavy bag you can hit. It’ll hurt you’re knuckles at first (boxing gloves aren’t the cheapest in Aus), but if you know adequate punching technique you’ll get used to it


Why is tren even being talked about on this thread? OP asked about test bloat.

Where did this come from? Am I missing part of the thread?

Anyways… Test bloat for me is not an issue as long as I keep my diet clean. When I use higher amounts of test 500 and up I unfortunately can’t control my bloat regardless of what my diet looks like. One of many reasons I don’t like using high amounts of test.

I’m like 62% tren so this triggers me

It actually is somewhat relevant regarding weightlifting without limits comment, his implied answer certainly isn’t the right one, but it does stem true. He is practically saying tren doesn’t give him bloat… so use tren instead. But many compounds can elicit a similar response without causing you to topple over from a massive heart attack 30-50 years before you theoretically should

It can fuck you up horrendously, don’t use it unless it’s a requirement, and if it’s a requirement use the minimum effective dose. Even if you don’t garner acute (serious) adverse effects, doesn’t mean it’s safe/not wrecking havoc internally, so for potential future reference, if you can handle 200mg and are getting great gains, don’t suddenly jump to 400mg for no reason, then jump to 600…800 just to see how far you can push it. Doing such a thing is irresponsible, moronic ideology with something as dangerous as tren. For an analogy… I don’t drink a bottle of vodka every time I go out… I COULD, and I could get up the next day and continue on like absolutely nothing happened, but it’s an incredibly unhealthy thing to do, and regardless of how I feel, the effect on my internal organs from frequently doing such a thing would be horrendous… my liver would be fatty, filled with fibrous tissue… my heart would be enlarged, unable to pump blood adequately… my stomach would be filled with ulcers, my kidneys irreparably scarred and more…

Though I do believe if there was such a thing as being able to drink competitively in an acute scenario (say not being put up against a bunch of people who drink frequently)… I’d win 99.99 percent of the time.

In fairness I did ask how bad Tren can fuck you up .

If you ran a test only cycle you wouldn’t run 500 and up?

That was after the comment was made.

Right. It blows my mind why someone would imply to a person that is asking about test bloat they should run tren because tren doesn’t bloat…

I would never run a test only cycle again. I did it once as my first cycle at 750my/week and that was it. But if I could go back and change that I would have ran my first cycle of test at 250mg/week because that is the dose all my future cycles will have been run at. But of course that his hindsight and I had no way of telling at the time.

IMO running test only cycles for your first 3-4 cycles until you aren’t making gains on just testosterone alone before adding new compounds is silly.

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250mg but with what else do you normally stack it with?

and I didn’t really understand that last part. Are you saying other compounds should eb added prior to the first few cycles?

you and I spoke about this at length, but I’m still on the fence about where to keep my Test cycle at. Anavar is going to be ran towards the end.


A lot about the guy blew my mind. Directly after finishing up 675 mg test weekly he went on a gram of tren weekly… decided he would cruise on that dose… his demeanor changes, risks 8 year relationship he’s been in, says he chooses tren over the poor girl (who reluctantly agrees to let him pursue an open relationship as she fears losing him)… then he starts complaining of symptoms related to treatment emergent diabeties, but is in denial, instead states “the tren is burning through all my food, hence why I always need sugary snacks on me”. At this point he hasn’t gotten bloods once… talks about how angry he gets when people walk in front of him, how women should be fucked rough and all want to be dominated according to him… then eventually creates a thread complaining of severe hypoglycaemia, almost dipping into a diabetic coma… so we all suggest getting glucose tested… he doesn’t do this, tells me he will drop the tren… but doesn’t (I’m sure I’m missing quite a bit here)… then soon on threads here goes on to downplay the effects of tren, saying they’re massively over exaggerated (really? Look what’s happened to him… seriously in denial lol)… this pisses me off and I totally snap, berating him for his irresponsibility (you can look at my post where I go off, I can’t recall where it is though). It’s one thing to be an adult, engage in self destructive behaviour and admit it… but it’s another to downplay the behaviour, be in denial and then reccomend that behaviour to others

Finally he updates his powerlifting thread complaining of being unable to make meet weight, so is now talking about using dieuretics and cutting as much water as possible, when he could ya know… not be an idiot and cut the tren dose (he’s probably on closer to 2 grams of tren at this point… he believes pro BB use 3-4 grams of tren upcoming to shows… they use a lot, but not four grams of tren)

The dude is going to die within the next two years, it’s a shame, as his priorities are twisted, somehow he does believe he will get away with this… chances aren’t in his favour with this level of abuse regardless of how good you’re genetics or lifestyle are. The problem is he isn’t using AAS as an adjunct aid to get better, he’s relying just on the gear. And it irritates me that we get irritated and blow up at kids who want to try a mild cycle (they shouldn’t) but this guy is just so much worse… it’s a level of impulsivity and irresponsibility I don’t see rivalled by anyone else who has ever been on this forum aside from the kid on 50iu slin/day, and even this kid if I recall correctly was attempting to moniter himself. I’m sure his ambitions of being the greatest in the world are of good intent, however he hasn’t even turned pro yet, there’s far less idiotic ways to accomplish his goals comparative to what he’s doing. At this point… extensive therapy, not more gear is what’s needed. No one in their right mind would do this unless they were world class and/or made serious cash from their physique.

I’m not replying to his posts or following his antics anymore though unless I see him recommending tren or saying something that’s blatantly not true, in terms of what he does to himself, not my problem… though I honestly (he may or may not) wouldn’t be that suprised if he drops dead before the meet from a dehydration/electrolyte imbalance induced cardiac arrhythmia. Chances are he will buy some lasix, take one pill and think “well I’m not experiencing any SiDe EfFeCtS”… down the entire bottle and drop

Yes, I’m being a dick but I’m incredibly frustrated at this guys refusal to take advice from any of us… it’s his way or nothing… and his way is an almost guaranteed death within the next ten years. He still hasn’t gotten a single set of bloods, checked his glucose etc.

Also, did you know Eddie Hall has one subtype of the MSTN gene mutation? (Myostatin deficiency)

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