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How to Isolate the Abdominals?



Ive got a big problem. My lower back is far too strong, so it tips(right word?) my hips and I got a hollow-back, often with pain when I have to stand for a long time.

I need to strengthen my abdominals, but if I do crunches and situps my lower back will hurt after a few reps, so I think it does some of the work...

Is there a chance to isolate the abdominals, maybe an excercise where I can add extra weight?

Hope you can help me


Your lower back can never be too strong.

Do a search on “anterior pelvic tilt”. I believe Eric Cressey has written some good articles on this subject for T-Nation.


Leg raises.



Sounds like your lowerback is just very inflexible, and tight, not too strong. If it’s causing you that much pain you should reseach anterior pelvic tilt and as the person above said.


[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
Leg raises.


Sometimes people aren’t strong enough to properly do leg raises and they end up being a hip flexor exercise lol. I guarantee you’ll get a great (read: cramp) feeling if you do cable crunches.


Thank you.

I think “anterior pelvic tilt” is my problem :slight_smile: