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How to Interpret This Bloodwork


I ran test prop for 3 separate stretches at 700mg ew. Each time I stopped after 14 days because I didn't notice anything.

I had my bloodwork done about 10 or so days into my last try and the results came in today with test at 5,300 and estro at 153.

I do not know what sort of measurement its in, I will follow up, but it said the normal range was something like 250-900.

I know how to eat and train, it's like all I do.

I haven't seen any sign of acne or gyno or anything

On my last cycle I was on a calorie deficit. Ur all going to point at that, but even ppl who eat like shit and train like babies make gains on gear. I should have at least seen some skin oil right?

Wtf now? This is so bad for my HPTA

Was 14 days not long enough to tell? I've never heard of this happening, my best guess is that it was a long ester not P.

That would actually make sense since P is pricier.


Is it possible that my androgen receptors are clogged?


Your Total T came back at nearly 6 times the upper range, and you think your gear wasn't working? Unless you are the one person on the planet that is immune to the anabolic/androgenic effects of T, I doubt it...maybe you were expecting too much

E2 was definitely too high but that shouldn't impact your training gains.


With what? Hair? Dirt? Grime? Mineral deposits from cheap motor oil?


Idk someone proposed the idea to me and I googled it. Apparently it's possible


hahahaha wow.

So.... get more bloodwork and then run a cycle if everything checks out?

Kickstart test e with the prop that I thought didn't work plus 4 weeks of dbol?



When 18 years old

With a T level of 5000+; if no gains, add more drugs.

Perfect plan.


This is bizarre. After your posts in your HGH thread I thought you had it all figured out lol!

Your gear is clearly working great, stick with it for 6-8 weeks and re-assess where you want to go with your drug regimen.

*Can't tell if your trolling(?)

Good luck lol,


Alright, yeah this is embarrassing, I'm obviously being impatient at the cost of damaging my health.