How To Instantly Press More Weight Overhead

Want to get stronger and build more muscle?

Lift heavier weights for more reps.

It’s not that complicated.

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Was it entirely necessary for the camera to zoom in on dem cheekz tho?

I thought leaning back was a bad thing for most people? Is this just about getting more weight up because I actively try not to lean back even when doing low reps. Or is this just the difference between strict and a regular OHP?

For a military press, you stand at attention (hence, military)

For pressing weight overhead, having fewer rules is better in my experience.

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So I should ignore some of the stuff a lot of these pressing videos I’ve seen over the years tell me?

I mean, of course, I’m happy to press more weight that way but which one should take part most in my training? Just lean back on one rep maxes/last couple reps or something?

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Don’t ignore it. Try it.


Were the people in these videos worth listening to? If so: I’d listen to them.

Oh my god I love this.


Always. =)

I actually have some low rep OHP sets tomorrow morning so i’ll give it a go. I tried so hard to correct myself leaning back so much when grinding reps out in the past, adopting a very slight move head out of the way and then “through the window” because the likes of Nippard etc. That’s how I saw it explained and shown early on. Doing it like this might make me smash a rep PR tomorrow.

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It’s worth appreciating how/why you’re leaning back. If you can stay braced, leaning back pretty much HAS to happen with heavy weights. But if you’re limp and loose and trying to limbo under the bar, you’ll be in a bad way.

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Yeah, it’s clicking for me dude. Glutes squeezed in and ribs down, keep the bend with the hips, not the lumbar spine. I had enough lower back pain first starting out from letting my butt stick out and my stomach come forward to create an arch. I think that’s where the overlap comes from and where being overly strict comes from… and also why I see so many people give up on OHP too soon.

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Such a shame too. I feel pressing something over your head, ESPECIALLY from the floor, is the single most effective thing you can do for getting stronger and developing an awesome physique.

A belt can help as well.


Good job I recently started using a belt then. Some things just come at the right time. :slight_smile:

I consider myself nowhere near as strong as some of the guys in my gym but I’ve only ever seen 2 or 3 people OHP 60kg+ in there which I can do for reps now. That seems very wrong. Everyone just does cable lat raises as soon as the seated dumbells get too heavy to get into position. My shoulders and upper back are my best assets, standing OHP contributed to both.

I agree with all of that. Ribs Down! Don’t lean so far that you lose your ab tension and kink up your lumbar. But don’t be so strict and upright that the bar has to be in front of you.

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