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How to Inject a Total of 5ccs/wk?


Im going to start my second cycle next week. My original plan for injecting was going to.be this:

Mon/thurs: 1.5cc test cyp + 1cc Tren e

However during my first cycle I had a decent amount of swelling/soreness in my Glutes and delts after every inject. (1cc of.Cyp). Never hindered me and def wasn't an infection. But the pain/ swelling were there.

Any suggestions as to splitting up the shots? One of the reasons im using Tren e over ace is bc injecting ED is just not doable for me.


I would split the injections into 4 injections weekly.

Test C - Monday, injecting Glute
Tren - Wednesday, injecting either quads or delts (your choice)
Test C - Friday, injecting Glute
Tren - Sunday, injecting either quads or delts (your choice)
Test C - Tuesday, injecting Glute

Atleast that's how I would do it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input. I do rather like that, my only problem is that im going to be traveling every weekend this summer. This is why I just wanted to get everything in on mon/ thurs


Go search different injections sites. Ventroglute is a good one.


Use 3 sites on monday and 3 sites on thursday. You can mix the oils in one syring if need be.


spotinjections.com is a nice way to learn where to inject.

If I only had mon/thurs to inject, then I would do what Bonez said, easy and if you like injecting, fun. lol


I have pinned 3cc in Ventrogluteal no problem. Same with my quad, I can't reach my glutes, my delts are fine till I go over 2.5cc...

Recently I have really liked triceps.

I rotate between VGs (which both of mine can easily take 3cc with no pain), quads (both seem fine with 3cc), delts, triceps... So I have a total of 8 sites..most of which seem fine with up to what you are injecting, although I don't think it is usually suggested to shoot that much in one delt, but I do it without issues.

You could split that between 2 delts for one day. Then another day one quad, then the other, then one VG, then the other, then back to delts.
My triceps get sore with much over .5cc so I wouldn't waste my time with triceps if I were you if you are using that much.


this is probably what i will do.

i have never seen anyone mix two oils in one syringe, although i dont imagine it being rocket science, everyone i know just uses multiple pins.

i was going to do 1.5cc in my delt of test and 1cc glute/quad of tren

on a side note... a buddy from the gym told me "tren leaves welts, so inject in your glute so you dont have an ugly mark on your delts"... scientifically, i cant fathom why that would be. any ideas? lol