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How to increase pain tolerances?

I was wondering if anyone knows how to increase pain tolerances?

Pain is all in your mind. You can overcome it through self-hypnosis, but it takes a lot of training to develop the skill. I’ve only been able to make it so that my arms and legs are numb to all senses, haven’t managed to do that with my torso yet.

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To what?

1)Get a copy of the film “Fight Club.”
2)View the scene in which Pitt pours chemical burner on Norton’s hand.
3)Repeat. Over and over again.

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Go to www.bodyforlife.com
Read as much as you can until you throw up, try to increase time between spewing.

5-10 Minutes equivalent to cutting your finger
10-20 Minutes = Broken Nose
20-40 Minutes = Good ass kicking
40-60 Minutes = Giving Birth

I have no figures for times in excess of 60 minutes because no one has been able to go that long without violent retching.

The more pain you have the more tolerant you become of it. Tell your self to take more pain and you can.

I want to be able to withstand some torture, and all that. I mean, you know, i want to literally allow myself to take mroe pain, like car batteries and stuff like that.

Oh, then you’re just looking to increase your mental ability to resist pain. It’s quite different from increasing your physical ability to resist pain.

For an example of pain decreasing your physical ability, try stubbing your toe. I BET you won’t be able to do anything but hop and swear for at least 5 secs. The pain just over-rides your ability to perform motor functions.

Mentally resisting pain is a little different. One trick is to learn how to count to five (tough eh?). You tell yourself that you can withstand the pain for five more seconds, and then slowly count to five. Then you tell yourself that you can withstand five more seconds and count to five again.

Using a variant of this technique, I have held my breath for 2:50 (under water) - which scared the shit out of the person trying to hold me under the water (a friend tried to spook me when were contesting by pretending to hold my head under).

Physical pain (I know it’s not the best definition) can usually be reduced by inuring the area subjected by repeated damage. ie. You can beat your shins with bamboo so that you can block kicks better. I don’t know if it’s really deadening the nerves or just getting you used to the pain. A little of A and a little B, I think.

Finally comes the stage where a tortured person become “broken”. Usually this can occur after repeated bouts of torture. Sure, you can withstand being cut. But eventually, the terror of the next session will break a person. I’m not sure how to prolong the time before being broken.

I’ll tell you that learning how to withstand torture is not a very useful skill. Usually, they have more time than you have willpower. Unless the information you have is very time sensitive, all you’re doing is making them work for it.

Hey, I saw your post about myostat on the heavyweights board… how’s that going for you?

Okay, I kinda guess I hgave a reason. I would like to go into the army, and the only thing that really scares me is getting taken captive, and being tortured.

Slug yourself in the junk. Do 50 reps, 2 sets, with a 411 tempo. Train to failure on the second set.

Just hurt yourself real bad. Then next time you have a minor injury, you’ll be like, “Well it doesn’t hurt as bad as that did.”

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If I understand you correctly, you want to be set in the event that you get captured by terrorists or something right? Well, pain tolerance, in my opinion, is only one part of torture don’t forget the mental torture, which I believe is more efective that pain. Try lighting a lighter and applying the heat to various body-parts. Also, I wouldn’t recommend the car battery thing. Electricity is instant extreme pain, and I don’t think you really want to mess with that, but if you do try it video tape it atleast.lol bye

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think of pain as pleasure. Pain and pleasure are the same. Love pain and you will enjoy it.

Oh yeh. Watch blood and guts and pumping iron.

My point is I want to be able to take a car battery hit without killing me. Theoratically, if i was ever being tortured. and the other things, like beatings, the cold water, etc, hot irons…