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How to Increase My Squat Flexibility?



I really struggle with my squat. I am very stiff and got no flexibility what so ever, which result in a rounded back when I try to squat deep.

Can you recommend a before/after training routine I can use, so I can increase my squat mobility?

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Scroll down to the Agile 8.

Sincerely SD.


Nice. Thanks!


There are at least two threads on this topic on the first two pages of this forum.

scroll down...


foam roller, work on your ankle mobility.


Glute Activation/Potentiation - - check out Thibaudeau's High Threshold Hypertrophy book.

If you have a rounded back, elevate your heels on a 2x4 wood piece. If you don't have that, use two 45 pound plates, and space them out accordingly.

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I thought elevating your heels was a big no-no for strength training -- at least according to Ripptoe and Pearl.


Thanks for the link, good info!


Snatch Grip deadlifts are good :slight_smile:


it's just to get flexibility on, that's why oly weightlifters use shoes with medium heels.


Give this a go; really helped me out!