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How to Increase My Bench?


exercises to increase my bench, and how many times per week?


Well we will start with Bench Press as the key exercise to increase your bench lol.

But as far as assistance work, do a lot of heavy tricep and shoulder exercises. Lots of heavy CGP, skull crushers, PJR pullovers, Militaries. Maybe even switch over to incline press for awhile or DB presses. Shock your body, it'll then get stronger.

I'd only hit chest once per week. If you're just starting out twice wouldn't hurt because you probably aren't using heavy enough weight to warrant a weeks worth of recovery.

Eating adequate calories would deffinatley help a lot, I mean a lot.

What are you stats, height, weight, and bench press max?


Keys to big bench: rotator cuff strengthing exercises, shoulder presses (standing and seated), CG Bench, dips. Bottom position bench press( start the movement from chest focus on exploding up from bottom).

The amount of times depends on your recoverability. I personally bench only once per week because I really push it and need those days to recover from DL and Squatting.

Finally, you need to find out what your weakness is. Meaning do you get stuck at bottom of movement, half way up or 3/4 way up. Being stuck at bottom was a problem until I started doing bottom positions bench press. Now I'm getting stuck more in the middle of movement so I'm doing a variance of board press to improve my lockout. I use the power rack and set the safety bars at my sticking point and press only to that level with maximum weight.


im 5"10 174 ibs 7% body fat, been training for 6 years i just turned 21 years old. i can 20 225 4X10 and my max bench is 295


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my question is: what do you squat & deadlift?


well i tore my acl last summer plus im a firefigher so squat/deadlift really aint that important but honestly rite now i can squat
275 ibs 4X4 and deadlift 205 4X4, not good i know


Yeah because firefighters never use their posterior chain to lift shit. Everything they do is with their chest and arms. If they didn't want you to have a big chest or arms they wouldn't have given you that axe. Am I right, or what?


Creepy living life to firefighters who think squats and deadlifts aren't important is.


I just hope that OP is mega-troll.
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C'mon...have you seen his other two threads? He's 5'10'' and 174 lbs @ 7% BF and wants to gain 6 lbs without a significant increase in bodyfat, has been training for 7 years and needs help to figure out how to do this! He also claims his diet is "perfect" of course.

I'm way past thinking this is a troll. I'm trying to figure out what bridge he lives under so I can steer clear.


MEYMZ:Creepy living life to firefighters who think squats and deadlifts aren't important is.

im a firefighter as well and this guy in no way represent the thoughts or opinions of all firefighters, or even any lol