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How to Increase Grip?



whenever i try to go heavy on shrugs my hand just slip after 2 reps… i can do more but my hand grip stop me to do. i can do few more reps with straps. still i know i can do more . any exersice or trick there to increase grip?


Static holds for time ie: Hold a heavily loaded barbell or pair of really heavy dbs for about 10-15 seconds for 3-4 sets OR you could hang off of a pull-up bar for time etc.


It is my belief that a large part of developing grip strength is to not use straps on anything for a while. I think, because of social media outlets, the concept of using straps is forced on individuals from the start (before any grip strength is really developed). Thus, the major muscles (back, shoulders, legs) develop strength far faster than the forearms.

Instead of going after the numbers and increasing your strength that way, try lifting what you can lift without straps for reps for a few months and just let your grip strength naturally catch up.

Do deadlifts (regular or stiff leg), dumbbell lunges, farmer’s carries, row variations, front raises, laterals, and pullups/pulldowns without straps for a program’s cycle (3-4 months ish) without using straps. You may not go up in raw weight, but you won’t lose any muscle either…and your grip strength will surely improve.


sure i will not using straps from now, and static hold idea from gorillamon is also good… thanx both :slight_smile:



Keep the straps for the heavy pulling work. No reason to limit your overall muscular development because your grip can’t keep up.

Outside of your heavy work, train your grip independently. The static holds suggested are a fantastic idea. At the end of a deadlift workout, I take off a few plates and hold a double overhand rep for time. When I hit 90 seconds, I up the weight.

Another fantastic grip builder is timed holds with Captains of Crush grippers. You can go for max time, or you can do multiple sets of 5 second hold reps. Anything that forces you to fight against the gripper.


I agree. Keep the straps for heavy pulling/shrugs. Do additional grip work. Deadlifts are harder to build than grip strength so why hold yourself back when they are other ways to get the job done.

When warming up for Heavy Barbell Shrugs, I double overhand until I get to a weight my grip can’t sustain. I try to hold it as long as possible. Which right now is right around 315. I do my shrugs with straps. After I am done with my Shrug sets, my drop sets are static holds until my grip fails. The only time my grip fails me is when I am testing it or when I take it to failure on purpose.

I do something similar with my Deadlifts. Warm up double overhand, do working sets with straps, do dropsets and static holds double overhand.


It’s not that your grip is weak,it’s just the movement.Unless you use a super slow negative due to speed developed while lowering the weight,the weight at the bottom is probably 1.5-2 times what you actually have in the bar.So,use straps

P.s Sorry for screwing up the explanation,I suck at physics


Axle cleans and farmers walks are the 2 biggest “bang for your buck” grip exercises I’ve ever done. I focused intently on grip strength for several years and never made the progress that I did using these 2 movements in strongman training.


Kroc rows have always helped my grip a ton.


Im currently loving hammer curls with the super thick orange fat gripz