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How To Increase Ejaculate Volume?

Hi guys,

So my mrs has opened up to me lately and she is really missing my ability to blow a large load all over her face.

No this isn’t a troll post, i really miss the ability to shoot large loads.

What can be done to increase one ejaculate Volume?

Any help for Tnation my mrs would appreciate it.

Dont furk every day?

If you masterbate frequently, cut that out.

I’ve read that HCG can help with volume but I have no experience with it and it comes with its own issues.

Besides that, get a lube product from A & E called Fuck Water. It’s a lube that looks just like semen. Put a big glob of that in your hand and when you reach climax, throw it in her face.

Edit to add…I know that sounds funny, but I’m really not trying to be a comedian. If your wife enjoys that, and you can’t provide it at this time, there are ways to simulate is all I’m trying to say. Don’t be deceitful about it. Let it be y’alls little kinky secret. If she enjoys the sensation, why not? If you had an issue getting hard and she was about to jump out of her skin to have an orgasm, would you tell her “not tonight” or would you grab a dildo (or some great fingering techniques) and go down on her until she exploded? I’m just saying… It’s not like you can control that kind of thing when it happens, but we can go the extra mile to make sure that the Mrs gets what’s she needs from us right?


If u are over 30 having 10 minute sex sessions. Not so big loads. You foreplay for awhile , different positions make it last longer bigger load.

I know when i edge by myself for an hour. It shoots and more volume.
Also when levels are perfect during a few days off the week Those days are really good.

Had bj last night. She does not take the ejaculate in month. :slightly_frowning_face:But I came thick gel clob little volume. Next morning edged 2x and both came alot. Levels were off that night meaning e2 most likely. Sensation was off a bit too. next morning way different.

Also I would love to know if there is a way to increase volume. Feels much better to blow a huge shooting load. :joy:


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Yea anywhere from 2-4 times a day. May miss a day here and there due to life.

Hcg (if you tolerate it well), sunflower lecithin, pygeum and maca.

Nah like 2-4 sessions anywhere from a 15min quicky to an hour.

My mrs loves it

I tolerate Hcg very well, just dont want to desensitize as i do want a chance at kids in the future.

I will look in to the others thanks

Number one method of increasing ejaculate is to increase water intake.

Increasing ejaculate is hit or miss – with 90% miss. There are dozens of pills sold with the alleged end result of increasing ejaculate. Rarely do you hear REAL or HONEST reviews that they work.

Doctors will tell you to eat lots of vegetables and exercise; and lose weight if overweight. Duh.

Best of luck …

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I haven’t laughed this hard at anything in a while, not so much the act but the way you casually describe you’re SO being like “hey why can’t you viciously ejaculate on my face anymore”

Look up “the spider man” on urban dictionary

Anyhow the more often you ejaculate, the smaller you’re volume will be, the seminal vessels + prostate gland + one other… Gland that I don’t remember take time to produce seminal fluid, when I was a youngster of around 11 (sorry for going into graphic detail) I’d stroke the salami so often sometimes I’d be shooting blanks (not as in no sperm, but after the 7th time in a day or so nothing would come out anymore)

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Me too. The good old days.

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I had always heard that clomid was notorious for increasing load volume.

More foreplay. Build it up.

Glad i could make your day

Interesting, but what ar the impacts of being on clomid whilst cruise/blast.

Can you become desensitized?

I think i have foreplay covered dude.

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This is a joke right? All these sex toys can’t possibly be yours, looks like the inside of David Ray Parker’s toybox (obscure reference to disturbing serial killer)

Is that a device for delivering enemas I see on the left side of the table

Nah not a joke, you can never have enough toys, next one is a fucking machine so when she is giving me head, the machine can be fucking her and i control the speed.

Nah no enema devices there, there are creative ways to give enemas if required. No need to waste money on ove of those haha

What’s the pink device with the squeezable looking nozzle on it?

Yes you can

Pussy pump, you vacuum the pussy till it swells with blood and it becomes numb/sensitive