How to Increase E2?

Hi all,

After a bit of advice how to increase my e2 levels.

Currently taking Primoteston e6d and my T levels are great;
T - 29.3 nmol/L (10-35)
SHBG - 30 nmol/L (10-50)
Free T - 705 pmol/L (225-725)

E2 20.97 pg/ml

Ive found that when my E2 is low like this, I experience some pretty heavy bouts of OCD and fatigue and just general feelings of blah.

Im not taking an AI.

My first guess would be to increase my injection protocol to E8D or E9D but at the same time dont want to have the spikes.

By injecting weekly your E2 levels are probably dropping towards the end of the week and are higher in the first half of the week. If you want higher E2, split you dosage up twice weekly or just increase your dosage.

If you choose the former you might need to increase your dosage a little because injecting with greater frequency can decrease E2. You probably would do very well with estrogen on the higher end and might actually be able to handle E2 levels even higher.

Thanks mate.

My understanding was the more frequently you inject, the less testosterone is converted into E hence why I was pushing it to E5D. This is obviously not the case

I inject EOD to keep my E down. I am very similar to you in that I have low E Which is why I started Trt but 120mg a week keeps my e at a perfect level. sometimes however it creeps up if I drink. I don’t like an AI so I inject more frequently

Drink beer, soy lattes and enjoy some HGTV.

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