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How to Increase E2 Without Increasing Test Dosage/Decreasing Frequency?


Just remember to stay on a protocol for at least 6 weeks to see how you feel. If you keep changing, you make it extremely difficult dial in.


I’m with Charles12. Your first experiment is to get your E2 down to the low 20’s and see if your libido comes back. That is a very good test but .5mg x2 or x3 of anastrozole is way too much to get your current lvl down to 22. You will crash your E2 like everyone has posted and if that happens libido will be your last concern.

You really need to hold one course and do mini blood tests.


So I should hold my ai dose for 6 weeks straight too without adjusting?

What dose would you think would get me to 22 from 27?


Since you measured the 27 and if you have been taking your AI at 1 to 1.5mg/wk you could already be there or much lower. Anastrozole is really powerful shit. With your SHGB and current T cyp amount I would not do more that .25mg every 10 days and that could still be too much.

Trying to adjust an E2 by 5 pg/mL is impossible. Our hormones fluxuate way too much to be that accurate. Hell the lab errors could be 5 pg/ml. TT FT E2 are moving targets and when you get a blood test you are getting a snap shot of the general area your levels are in and that is the best you are going to get.