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How to Increase E2 Without Increasing Test Dosage/Decreasing Frequency?


I’m playing with my e2 levels in order to try to find my libido. Right now I’m lowering e2 by taking a standard dose of arimidex to lower e2 closer to the 22pg/ml this board mentions.

Should I find that lowered e2 doesn’t work, meaning, no increase in libido, I am going to try to go the other way and increase e2 while keeping test dose the same, along with e3d dosing. My dosage of test (50mg e3d) puts me at around 860 test levels.

SO, how would I effectively increase e2 while keep test dosage the same, in order to get to a better T/E ratio? FT and DHT are both higher level.

Thanks (oh, and HCG isn’t something I have access to)



You could switch to one weekly 100mg shot.


Prior to e3d, I was on once weekly 100mg shot. I felt really good the day before my next shot when test had fallen, but e2 was still high… meaning the ratio was around 20%. But as it was a weekly shot, the feeling was only good for the day.

I want to keep test level, but increase e2.


I don’t know what you consider a normal AI dose but you can just stop the AI and your E2 will rise pretty quick since AI have a very short halflife. You will have to do blood testing there is no standard formula that works for everyone.
In my experience playing with E2 levels a low E2 (20-24) works great if your SHGB is on the low side. IF your SHGB is above mid range then and E2 of 30-35 feels much better. If you are a weight lifter you want your E2 on the high side for better joint lubrication. Your knees, elbows, and shoulder will really benefit. Finding your E2 sweetspot just required experimenting and giving each change time to work.



When I don’t take the arimidex, e2 on it’s own doesn’t increase enough in order to possibly feel a sex drive.

Does anyone know how to increase e2 WITHOUT increasing test dose or decreasing frequency? Please just help me answer that.


DHEA is known to raise E2 in men and T in women.
You have stated you can’t buy HCG so that is out. I know of nothing else. You don’t supplement with DIM do you?


I have supplemented with dim prior but not in awhile.

DHEA is about the only thing I think I could try as well. Just wondered what others do that don’t produce enough estrogen from aromatase. I am pretty lean but don’t want to get fatter just to make estrogen.


@roscoe88 how often do you change your protocol? My advice is to stop everything but testosterone for six weeks and reassess.


I’ve run this protocol: 50mg e3d for longer than 6 months and e2 fell at 27pm/ml with tt 860. No ai.

Yes, that’s low e2 but I want to try to lower it a tad more to see if it affects sex drive positively. That why I’ve introduced a little arimidex.

If I don’t get into a sweet spot, etc I’m going to try going the other way. But I’m doing so, I’ll need to raise e2 and keep test the same.


@roscoe88 my personal opinion is to stay the fuck away from an AI with that e level. Libido has many layers to it besides estrogen. You are doing to crash your estrogen playing with an AI. What else is going on in life for you? Stress, sleep, etc.


I just quit coffee and all caffeine about a week ago due to always being such a light sleeper. I work as a lawyer, so that means low pay and a ton of stress (i.e. hate my job).

I was diagnosed secondary hypo a few years back, but thyroid came back ok and no tumor in pituitary.

I haven’t had a sex drive at all since I was about 20. I’m now 40. It’s been HELL on relationships.

When I first started TRT, my first protocol was 300mg test every other week. I did get glimpses of libido then, presumably from higher e2 levels.

I just think I need to get my t/e ratio closer to 20%, meaning keep my test around 860 (which it is now) but increasing e2.

Maybe i’ll lay off the “low e2” experiment and try going the other way, adding maybe a low dose of dhea to increase e2 more than my body had the ability to aromatize.


Side note: I had my preg and dheas tested recently.

Preg was way below normal, and deahs was mid range.


Hi Roscoe, I lost my libido for about 15 years, I’m a few years older than you, it took a TT trough of over 1100 Free T 33 labcorp top of range 18. before my libido came back balls to the wall. I have since throttled my TT back to 975 so my wife has a break, haha


I vote stopping the AI too. I was tinkering with arimidex with the same goals and crashed my E prob 5-6 times in a year. No AI now for 8 months and finally feeling good again.

What’s “normal” AI dose for you anyway? Mg and frequency?


Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I was (didn’t take last dose) .50mg e3d. Started at a lower dose and ramped up.

Not sure where it’s gone. I get good morning and night wood, but with sex it’s hard to maintain as there’s just no libido.

I actually think test controls the ability to get erection but is only triggered by libido, which comes from estrogen.

I may try a higher dose to get tt up a bit. It’s all trial and error. I didn’t take my scheduled arimidex yesterday either.



What was your protocol when you had that good libido?


When my hormones were not in check I needed continuous physical and visual stimulation to get erection. So you not alone v


Exactly. Like that warm feeling that takes over your body when you’re with a girl, etc. is lacking. There is a litttttleeee blood flow, but not much.

Like I explained, I think test (at the right level) says to the body "ok, all of the orchestra is here ready to go… we just need the conductor (estrogen in the right amount) .


I have been with Defy for the last two years .25(50mg) M/W/F so 150mg/wk, 400iu HCG 2xWk, AI anastrozole .125mg 3 times a week
After two months my E2 was 28 My shgb is 25 Your shgb matters more than you might think. What was yours again?


My shbg ranges from 23-28 or so.

I may push tt up and see how I respond.