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How to Increase Chin-ups/Pull-ups?


Well the title says it all. Yesterday I picked up training after a long inactivity (I'm 95kg now instead of 85kg lol, go figure).

I did a 5/3/1 BBB workout at my chinups I did:
1st set: 5
2nd set: 5
3rd set: 1 =( chinup

6 chinups, and I'm already sore the day after. How can I increase my sets & reps of chins?


Just keep adding more reps. You hit 11 this time, so try hitting 15 in as few sets as you can. Then once you get that in relatively few sets move to 20 total, and so on.


Do chinups daily. Get a one of those portable bars and hang it over the bedroom or bathroom door. Every time you go in/out do as many as you can and then a negative or two more.


Do them all the time. 3 times a day, 5 times a week, once a day, max sets, submax sets. Just make sure you do them all the time. Work capacity will build up quickly so you won't be as sore as can do them more often. Doing them a lot will get you to 12-15.


Welcome to the world of 200+. I weigh 280 and can barely get 7 neutral grip pull ups in one all-out set. If you want to get your pull ups up, increase your pull up frequency, increase your overall back strength, and drop any unnecessary body weight.


Do more.


As people before me have said, do them every day. While you wait for your coffee/tea/whatever to brew in the morning, do one all-out set. Just one, and hold the contraction on top of the last rep you managed to get. Both Ben Bruno and Chad Waterbury have recommended this route and it works pretty well.


Rings or 2 D shaped handles are the best for high frequency, i do them daily (with 2 D handles)no joint problem. Chad Waterbury wrote an article about a 5-6 months experience also recently





I upped my pullup numbers from 12 pullups to 26 pullups in a couple of months by doing Latters as described by Pavel. In the first month I was greasing the groove and just knocking out 1/2/3 (=6) Pullups whenever I could until I reached a limit of a little bit more than just 50 Pullups. Kept up doing the same in the second month but increased the number of total reps until I was doing 100reps a day with ease.

Then I went on to 2/4/6 latters and worked myself in 2 weeks fom 50 reps a day to 100 reps a day. After getting the job doe with that I took a few days off and decided to knock out 100 Pullups in one workout in the best time possible. I managed to do 2/4/6 x 7 and 1/2/3 x2 + 4 pullups in 43 minutes. Then i just went on with increasing the total reps every day. Right know I can do 150+reps a day and manage 100 Pullups in 27 minutes! My all out and best ever was 26 Pullups in a row and I was even working out on my gymnastics/barstarz routine the day before.

By the way:
Do your pullups without the thumbs during training and get back to doing them with thumbs during your all out tries. You will fly through your reps
Another thing that I realised was that switching to thicker bars during training upped my results even more and even increased my forearm size.
If you are doing a max attempt try to hang on the bar with one arm and shake the other one for 5-10 seconds, then repeat with the other hand and keep going.

I can just recommend to play arround with Latters, they work with other max strength calisthenetics like one arm pushups and pullups as well.

The results? My Lats are finally starting to grow and I have added veins and seize to my arms.
+ My buddies in arm wrestling say I am literally crashing their hands lol


Depends on what you want..one true set of max reps or many reps over time..
But either way, trying to be smart and not go to your all out max everytime will help you..Keep one or two left in the tank..Especially if you are going for a reps over time.
I worked up to 435 in 30 min by learning to do endurance pullups..not maxing each set..At first I did and it killed me.
But for max reps on one set I use to do many "close to max" sets throughout the week..very often..this helps a ton. If you can do 20 all out then do many sets throughout the week of 15-18..and once in a while do 20..you will quickly move up to 25 this way.
I had a bar in the house so I was on it all the time. But I rarely burnt myself out to death except when I was doing a 30 or 45 min workout of total reps, by the end I would be dead.


I'm surprised no one mentioned the Armstron pull-up program they use in the Marines. If you follow the program you're guaranteed to hit 15 strict pull ups.

You could also learn to do kipping pull ups which will help you perform approx. double or even triple your strict pull-ups once you master the technique.