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How to Incorporate Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Hypertrophy in a Program?

I have always wanted to train in all three styles mainly because I have enjoyed performing weightlifting movements, I want to be strong and who does not want to be aesthetic. I understand there is a program called hybrid performance but i’m just curious if i was able to do Wendler 5/3/1, weightlifting program and just random accessories movements to be similar to that program
Does anyone know what would be a good template to follow?
Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

Wendler has a program that combines 5/3/1 and the Olympic lifts in his new book

CT has a program on his ThibArmy site that would probably work well for you. It’s in the 4 seasons of lifting series.

Those three things are not mutually exclusive. If you can snatch 275, you’re strong, regardless of what you bench. And you can “train for hypertrophy” without specifically “training for hypertrophy”. Guys on the forum like Flipcollar, T3hPwnisher, and Alpha are all built solid and lean but, unless I’m mistaken, they don’t really have hypertrophy-phases in their training. They focus on building strength.

What’s your current height, weight, and general body fat (very fat, a little pudgy, lean, skinny, etc)?

Wil Fleming has a great 9-week Olympic lifting program. Starting with that would give you a solid base in O-lift technique, overall strength, and likely some muscle gain/fat loss depending on your current shape and your nutrition. I’d start there and then see where you stand after.