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How to Incorporate Sprints?


hey guys
Im doing DeFranco's westside for skinny bastards program for last 6 weeks an tis great but want to incorporate some sprints 1x maybe 2x a week to minimise fat gain. First things first would it be overtraing? Lifting 4 x times a week 2 ME days 2 reps days. Secondly if it wouldnt when should i do it?

My week is currently structured like this
Mon - ME Bench
tues - ME Squat/Deadlift
Thurs - Reps Upper Body
Fri - reps lower body


DeFranco had a split for people that are doing conditioning work i took it from his westside for skinny bastards article it looks like this

Monday AM: ME Upper
Monday PM: Cardio
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: RE Upper
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Lower Body
Sunday: Off