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How to Incorporate Sprints

Hi people. In about three weeks I want to shift gears in my off-season football conditioning. Currently trying to gain as much weight and strength, so I have put off any cardio.

Summer training is right around the corner so it is time to build up the cardio again.

I read over CT’s Running Man article, and I want to include his sprint workouts into my current routine.

Last time I ran a 400m was last summer, in 60 seconds. I am 6’4", 225lbs., would that be considered bad, average, good, great, or elite for the purposes of that article?

What, if any, do I cut back on as far as weight training? Right now my routine follows Ian King’s wave training article. Sets range from 3-6 and reps range from 3-8 @ 80-95% 1RM. Only doing bb flat bench, bent-over rows, deadlifts, squats, power cleans, and db shoulder presses, as well as some heavy core training. I currently go one on/one off. Should I go 5 days a week, 3 lifting, 2 sprinting? I just don’t want to overtrain my legs.

Thanks for any advice!

Okay it’s working!

I can give you the split i use presently for the 60m track and field event. It can give you an idea about how to organize microcycle(or week schedule).

If you are with Ian King i assume that your volume of training is not too high, propably in the (10-16 sets per workout). With all the volume on interval/speed the volume must be reduce, i use 12-15 sets at the moment. Keep stats on your strength, if it’s decreasing, reduce the volume.

Here is the split:

Sunday:interval/tempo work+abs(easy)
Monday: Rest+restoration methods

Tuesday: A.M plyometric/sprint
P.M Full body workout

Thursday:Rest+restoration methods

Friday: A.M plyometric/sprint
P.M Lower body workout
Saturday:A.M interval/tempo work+Abs(hard)
P.M upper body workout

Keep in mind that the only reason that my rest days are during the week is because monday and thursday are my two busiest days of the week, stress is already high so i choose not to include any nervous system stress on both of these days.

The most important thing to avoid if you want to gain strength is CNS (central nervous system)fatigue. You can fatigue your nervous system with:

1->85% weight or less than 5 reps on average,
2-intense sprint 95-100%,
3-medecine ball throw

Take a look on my split again

Sunday: CNS low stress
Monday:CNS no stress
Tuesday: CNS high stress
Wednesday:CNS low stress
Thursday:CNS no stress
Friday: CNS high stress
Saturday:CNS stress average

What you want to avoid is putting two stressfull day in a row, avoid that at any cost. Without the help of your nervous system you can’t be strong and powerfull.

It’s also a lot better to start from short to long distance.

The 400m Thibaudeau describe is for advanced athletes(feel free to correct me Mr. Thibaudeau if i am wrong here), this method is from Charlie Francis, the well known coach of Ben Jonhson during the 80’s.

Interval work consist of tempo work, 400m is just an advanced tempo work.

usually tempo for beginner average:2000-3000 yards a week

example of a session for a beginner:

Tempo is 75-80% intensity run, in other words it’s not a 100m less than 10sec…it’s not a 100% effort just keep running and “swing” with you arm to give you full of momentum.

3100, 1min in between
200, 2min
5min of rest
5*100, 1min

build up from this…

You can also work with push ups and core conditionning between just before the rest time. Things like gpp would help too.

This kind of conditionning will able you to be in shape without the catabolic destruction of 65-90% intensity cardio 8h a week. Anyway football is not the ironman!

For your time, i can’t say if it’s good or bad, the real thing to find is that is this good for YOU, are you improving???

Keep fighting

what position do you play? keep running specific to your position needs. i will assume that you are neither a WR or a DB and say that 400m isn’t that specific to the other positions. short explosive sprints and agility work will help you play better. you’ve gotten big, now get FAST. you’ll make way more plays. don’t worry about overtraining your legs. make sure you do some type of restorative work and you’ll be fine. in my experience no matter how much you run in the off season the first game will still get you gassed.