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How to Incorporate Sprinting with Best Damn


Hi all,

I am a few weeks into Best Damn… but wanted to incorporate sprinting into the program. Most of my past training is BW + sprints so I’m changing it up.

Question: Let’s say I want to sprint 3X per week. Something like 6x60y or variations that would take ~12 minutes. Should I do them on push or pull days? Should I do them separately or to start/end a workout?

Thanks for any responses.


BUMP. Hillsprints for me


Try sled sprints with like 35 to 70 pounds and hill sprints.


BEST OPTION: Sprints as a second session on push day, about 4-6 hours after lifting

SECOND BEST OPTION: Sprints as a morning workout and lifting as a PM workout with at lest 4-6 hours between

THIRD BEST OPTION: At the end of the push workouts


thank you coach


Thanks! It’s push day for me and I’ll try Option 1 (flexible day at work). I have usually done option 3, just because logistically it’s easier to pull off.