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How to Incorporate Metabolic Drive?


I've recently decided to incorporate shakes into my diet. I figured to just drink a scoop in the morning and then a scoop before i sleep. and 2 scoops after a workout. anybody care to enlighten me?


Depending on your level of experience, that could be very effective.

Without regard to protein timing and meal composition, you're now consuming something like 400g or 450g more grams of protein a week. That's a very good place to start. Your plan to ingest this at breakfast, at bedtime, and post-workout is probably the best option for supplemental protein.

With time, do some self-experimentation and find what works best for you.



i'm still young so my diet isnt as rigid as it will get later in life. i'm just tryign to eat as much as i can and as i clean as i can until i can get to a weight i can work with


You might want to use Surge post workout instead of just protein. You need some high GI carbs in there as well.

As for shakes, just incorporate them whenever you're hungry. Right when you wake up, and right before you go to bed would be a time.


I use mine at different times but always before bed for sure!


Best used when you need a good dose of P{rotein and real food is either and inconvience or not possible. Or hell you want something sweet and good.

Dont overthink it just use it as a great protein source.


Right on. Too many times I see and hear young(er) lifters start training and go on "diets" to shed fat. At this point, concentrate on eating a clean, balanced diet and GAINING SIZE AND STRENGTH. And oh yeah...enjoying life.