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How to Improve Low RBC and WBC Values?

What can be done to raise them? I eat red meat everyday.

WBC’S AUTO Your value3.3 x1000/mcL Standard range4.0 - 11.0 x1000/mcL
RBC, AUTO Your value4.46 Mill/mcL Standard range4.70 - 6.10 Mill/mcL

*Would this be something to raise as well?

Your value
1.54 mcIU/mL
Standard range
0.35 - 4.00 mcIU/mL

How do you feel that? I mean, what are the horrid sides that made you go check?

I had blood work done. No specific reason it had just been a while.

As to the side effects, none that made me consider the blood work in the first place. However, I have noticed that my erections have not been as strong. I read that low RBC can be an issue but, have not really looked into it.

Aside from that, the fact that they are below the low end makes me think raising them would be a good thing.

  1. if its not broken dont fix it… What you are doing is called paralysis by analysis.
  2. they are just A BIT lower…

Edit - check iron and ferritin if you insist on trying to find a problem to deal with.

No it is not.

I had blood work done. These values were under the low end. I wondered if it could have an effect on my erections. Turns out it is a possibility.

I did not go looking to solve the issue. I just figured it was some other factors.

Yes, a bit lower of the low end range. Not a bit lower than high, mid or even average.

Its still paralysis by analysis because you have no signs of any problems - you just did bloodwork and you are looking for a problem.
YES - your stuff is under the low end, but just a BIT. It doesnt mean shit. Unless you had em super high all your life and now they are low for no reason, i dont see the point to make it a problem.
Often stuff is a bit different. Sometimes i have 5x over the normal range of E2, sometimes my liver enzymes are 3 times over the norm, etc. My hematocrit has been 5 points over the norm, and the best it has ever been was barelly in the norm.
Sure, you can look into it, but having some blood cell count 1 point under the minimum, is not really a reason to discuss it in detail - im sorry, it just looks like you WANT some problem to deal with.

Sadly, dick problems have 1000 possibilities. Too little water, too much stress, too little sleep, too much age, not enough blood, too much blood, caffeine, too heavy workouts, too much workouts, too little workouts…
Basically there are LESS things that dont affect our erections as there are things that in theory DO affect them.

Your WBC are 0,7 under and RBC are 0,36 under. Not even a whole point. I would worry when they are around 2,0…
Also, there is little use of just these parametters - whats your hematocrit?.

And if you really want to look into this - you have to check iron and ferritin.
Anyways, having 0,7 and 0,36 under the range is probably not anemia and its probably not a reason to actually feel it in your dick, cuz as i mentioned - we can kill our dicks with our toughts easy.

Do you have bloodwork from a month ago and a year ago? Its also important.
There are many people who have different shit as NORMAL.
Me, for example, even tho, as women say - i do exert heat, when i take my temperature its always under whats supposed to be a normal reading.
My gf has a normal BP of 100, for example.
I have a 47 year old client in kickboxing whos natural level of test at his age is 1300 and he barelly does any pushups.

Anyways, if you are afraid of anemia, you need to check iron AND ferritin… maybe you lack those and that would explain a minor decrease in blood cells.
But we dont know if they ever were higher - maybe it IS normal for you and always has been?

Dude, if you’re concerned you have a medical problem, go see your doctor.

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I recently had a blood panel done which came up with a few “abnormal” ranges. Obviously I googled like crazy to find out what was wrong and what I should tell my Dr needs doing.

When I spoke to the doc she said none of them were an issue as soo low they may not show if done by another lab and could possibly just be from the vial left on the side for 10 minutes longer.
But she did point out two renal tests were inside normal values but had dropped a lot in the last month and recommended we check again soon just to be sure.
This wouldnt have been noticed by someone on the internet (or myself) as theyre unlikely to look for that pattern.
go talk to your doctor

You gotta remember ED, doctors don’t know shit, but the guy who just did a gallon of steroids, point blank blew his testicle clean off and just shit his liver knows all about blood values.


For real though, I’d look toward pernicious anemia and a lack of B vitamins. And of course, consultation with an MD.


Yes, we don’t know shit, but know some other stuff… About 10% of every blood test taken is out of the normal ranges, most of these are without significance.

Also, picking certain tests that point out of normal range does not mean anything without the whole picture. Here we are missing a complete bloodstatus incl hematocrite and thrombocytes, all white blood cells (a differential count), reticulocytes, iron/transferrin, B12, folate as well as inflammatory markers.

In short, go see a physician who makes a proper history, examination and his/her choice of proper analysis.

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I kid. It’s very tongue in cheek. (not Those cheeks. :laughing: :peach: :astonished:)

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