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How to Improve Deadlift Start?


I was always weak at deadlift
My weak point is the start of the pull. What can I do to improve this? Or what I'm doing wrong
Also as much as I tried my lower back get into an arch
Follow to try on my list is, although the low weight, a belt and if that wont work ill forsake the deadlift and move to sumo deadlift

Maybe you will see something I don't


Getting my legs, especially quads stronger helped me


First and second rep looked good, last one looked like shit. I didn't really notice a weakness at the start. Your form just broke down on the third rep. Be careful going to failure when doing reps, you open yourself up for injury

Deficit deadlifts and sumo deadlifts will help with the start of the pull.

Rack pulls, block pulls, lat, and trap work will help with the mid to top end of the deadlift. Include lots of ab work.


I don't see anything wrong with any of the lifts, to be honest. I've seen waaaaay worse form breakdown than that, especially on max attempts. There has been plenty of discussion on these boards about back arch, and plenty of people here who would argue that a flat or slightly rounded back is fine. Look up konstantin konstantinov. He has plenty of deadlift videos on youtube, pulling enormous weights with a rounded back. The video doesn't indicate to me that you need to switch to sumo style, but you can certainly play around with that to see if you like it more. I pull both ways, and my numbers are essentially the same with both styles.


Dave Tate put this instructional video out a while ago that helped me.


It's hard to tell from the video, but do you initiate the pull with your legs? It helped me to think that quads lift the weight off the ground and everything else follows after that. This really took a lot of pressure off my lower back.

From the looks of it I pull about as much as you do, so take this for what it's worth.


Deficit deads and front squats have helped my strength off the floor. Also using bands and chains have helped my speed off the floor. Box jumps will help explosiveness off the floor.


Upper round back is ok, lower round back is not. This is how I sees it anyway.
And my lower back is always get into an arch.


You must skwat. I think front skwats have helped my deadlift. I also try to study KK because he rips it off the floor like he's going to clean it.


Personally my biggest problem is not enough initial leg drive. I try and remember to "drive my feet through the floor"

The difference between a make and miss @ 90-95% 1RM for me is the initial leg drive.

I hit 383 last night; you can see it in m Indigo log if you're interested.

Edit: I also think the stronger the squat the better, which is my biggest weakness right now.


deep front squats


snatch grip deadlifts for assistance work


I'm in the same boat completely. I watched that video you posted and the following one last night and hit a PR at 345


Maybe I'm just old but I couldn't hear a thing he said here.


Nice man, congrats!


Yes....and deficit deadlift.


How much of a deficit do people use? I've see 2" is that the norm?




Try getting really tight and pulling the slack out of the bar (without changing your start position). You look like you're already doing this to a degree, but really focusing on it has helped me with speed for heavier pulls. That and making sure your abs are strong and pushed out hard right from the start. The more stable your midsection, the faster you can pull.


I like good mornings from pins. I find it to be good way to practice ramping up the level of tension. I don't know if this builds starting strength or not, but I find it useful.


Your vid is honestly not bad at all. The only person who is just fast regardless of the weight is Justin Randal.