How to Improve a Poverty Squat?

People aren’t very good with abbreviations it seems. Final edit.
260kg @ 65kg. - Deadlift
170kg @ 65kg - Squat
What actions can I take to improve the squat.
That is all.




v srs?

What the heck is this?

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I’m curious what NEAR deadlift 270 means.

Have a video of your squat? none of my high bar only low bar
by near 270 I mean I’ve done 260 @64 around 6 weeks back fairly easy not a grind, and since haven’t tested but am sure I’m closing in on it

Im pretty confident I can pull it having done 260 6 weeks ago, not goings balls out

First of all, what are you doing to improve your squat at the moment? Is it progressing at all or has it stalled completely? Presumably you have good leverages for the deadlift, but that’s still a significant gap so I expect you could make some solid squat gains with some adjustments.

Post a video. Based on your numbers I would assume your technique is lacking, or you just have incredible leverages for the deadlift.

With out a video no one can help you. At least not past saying squat more.

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