How to Implement Weighted Back Raises & Rows Into Texas Method?

So i have been following the original texas method program as written and i have noticed that the only back work on this program is 3 sets of chinups and 5 sets of back raises,with no weight.I really want to add 45° barbell back raises and rows into that program without impeding my recovery.Is there any way to do this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Do them whenever you want. You’ll probably be fine.

If you want to load up the back raises, maybe do three sets or something instead of the five. If you’re going to add in rows, I’d definitely do a variation that won’t stress the low back. That program is very demanding as written. I ran it for a while several years ago, and your recovery already has to be on point without adding stuff. Personally if I were going to add in rows, I’d do a chest supported variation (DBs on an incline bench probably) or weighted feet elevated inverted rows. The latter is excellent for the upper back while not being very stressful to the body as a whole.

Also, unless you really want or need to do the power cleans, you could probably be fine replacing them with barbell rows on Friday.

So Monday ain’t going to happen. Wednesday has lots of room but you need to recover for the intense Friday session. If your recovery is good they could go in there and then there’s Friday. You gotta front up on Monday and smash out long ass and heavy session, so again, recovery.

I’d probably do Wednesday. Well, I’d probably do a program which puts some more importance on back development.

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I would just add it in at the end of the workout, don’t overthink it. You could also add in band pull apart between sets of bench