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How to Implement Farmer Walks Into 5/3/1 Beginner Template?


I’ve recently started using the 5/3/1 beginner template as it seems to be a slow but sure way to building solid strength and reduce overworking myself or worse, injury. I was on starting strength for a bit but I didn’t like how heavy the weight would feel after bumping it up or having to stall on bench like I did a couple times. I plan to become a firefighter in my future so functional exercises are certainly gonna have to be in my arsenal and nothing sounds more functional than a farmers carry to me. It’s an underutilized exercise than can help many peoples goals so I was wondering how I can fit them into my program. I’ve kept the accessory work to a minimum doing Chins Monday and Friday and dips on Wednesday.


For beginners - no. We have a couple different templates for LEO’s. So these would be done AFTER you do the beginner prep program.


I’ve gone on black iron beast and read the original book but I haven’t found the LEO templates so if it isn’t asking too much can you show it to me cause I’m excited to finish the beginner template as I usually have enough energy after to play a few games of pick up basketball which are quite taxing.


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Buy the book, don’t tell the author you have stolen his intellectual property, and do not do the above and then ask him to give you more shit for free. Have a fucking clue!


Don’t act like you know someone, I read the book cause I knew someone that had it. I don’t have money to just spend like that even if it is a few bucks. I don’t even eat more than a meal some days. Yea I did ask cause I haven’t had any luck finding the template. Once I’m older and make my own money I’ll buy the books even if I know everything in them, just not right now jackass.


Bro, you’re a thief and an idiot so STFU and GTFO.


I don’t know about he idiot part buddy and yea I have resorted to being a thief since I live with a single parent that doesn’t work, shit the gym I go to is always unlocked so I just go in for free. But I’m sure I’ll amount to more then you ever would in a few years even with the rough start I’ve had so far :joy:


Dude, I’m a fucking myth. How can you get better than that?


I will strick down upon the keyboard with GREAT vengance and FURIOUS anger. Jim has given TONS of free info over the years. The cost of his material is nothing compared to what you can get out of it. Support the man.


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Having only read this thread, I am only able to conclude that where you are from is your mom’s house.

It sounds pretty rough, don’t get me wrong.


I’m in no way defending this turd for not paying the already low price of the books, but i went to black iron beast out of curiosity and they recommend buying and reading the book, with links to said books. They just have calculators that output a months worth of training. I wasn’t aware of this so i thought I’d throw it out there. Also, thanks to T3hPwnisher for always getting the laughs in.


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You have my condolences.


Which book is the LEO templates in? I bought Beyond 5/3/1, I double checked and didn’t see any. Thanks.


Whats wrong with farmers walks in the beginning? They cant hurt anything… Just start light with 40 or 50lbs in each hand walking a fixed distance. Every week or so increase the weight by 5 pounds. I got up to over 250/hand that way.