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How to Hold Conditioning

 Hey I have some questions on contest prep. I am doing the get ripped in six days protocol to try to peak for my show, which is this Saturday. But It only describes the meals for the morning. I probably will wake up at 8 a.m. and not get on stage until like 12 or 12:30 in the afternoon. I'm guessing that depends on my condition in the morning.

So I could use flat, soft, and watery defined so I know what to look for in the mirror. Than I could use some help on what to pack to the hotel. Should I be sipping gatorade or eating fish before prejudging. Should I pump up 30 or 15 minutes before stage.Than what should I do for the night show and inbewteen.

   I am competely new to really prepping for a show. After all the work these last few months pumping, dieting and money spent. It would suck to get up on stage and look terrible because I had to much pride to ask questions. Any words of wisdom are very appreciated.

The morning of my May show, I had a small cup of chicken, and a banana, 2 hours later, I did the same thing. Right before prejudging (around 11/11:30 - I had been up since about 7:30), I had a snickers bar and some glycerol. After prejudging, throughout the day I would have 2 plain rice cakes with nutella every 2 hours (protein wasn’t as important at this point, just keeping my muscles slightly full, and erring on the side of undereating vs. spilling over).

As far as pumping up, I probably started 10 minutes before heading onstage, as you don’t want to ‘overpump’ or you can actually obscure your definition in some cases.


okay thank you this helps alot. So just keep your body burning complex carbs and unless your flat (whatever flat is) like the article describes eat the protein.