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How to Hit Leg Day with Knee Injury

On wednesday I was warming up for leg day with some warmup sets squat and I think it was at 185 pounds which is the point where its before my working set so i was hyping myself up a bit and unracked the bar and i think i did a little momentum jump and went down like usual but then the millisecond I descended my knee just felt like it got shape shifted… but I thought it was nothing and proceeded with only 3 reps and then gave up due to fear of injury. Then I really felt it but went to do flat leg press lighter than usual and knee hurt still so I just did glute bridges and leg extensions light. Fast forward to today aka Saturday and it’s my next leg day. But my knee is still in pain(I forgot to say my right front sort of inner knee joint) I cant explain but it’s like this. Imagine going for a walk outside on the road and then stepping up on the curb aka sidewalk with the injured leg part. The moment my weight goes on my right leg to go up the sidewalk the knee pain is bad.

That being said how should I hit my leg workout today?
I want to emphasize my lagging quads

I wouldn’t. I learned to play hurt early and often. 35 years later, I’ll be honest, it isn’t worth it.


Not enough information for us hacks to make a diagnosis but if you don’t think it’s bad enough to see a professional, I recommend ice and rest for at least a few days.

When you start back up, be sure and do a dynamic warmup that includes knee stuff. When you squat, go light and deep with small incremental weight increases. If 185 is typically your last warmup, I’d recommend; BW, 45, 95, 115, 135, 135, 135 assuming there is no pain of course. Asses how it feels after that and increase accordingly.

When my patella tendon acts up (probably what you have) the patella taping with kinesio tape does help. Look it up on YouTube. Shave all the hair above and below your knee before taping. If you don’t shave first, you will regret it.

Good luck.

Do you know how long it takes for patella tendon to heal?

And treatments at home or stretches?

It sounds like your knees are drifting inwards when you descend- this would cause that type of knee pain. You need to avoid exercises with excessive knee flexion for a while, and when you come back to squatting, try doing light squats with an exercise band tied around your knees as a warmup. It will force you to push your legs outwards against the band and will help to prevent knee caving in the future. Don’t force it. You need to rest.

I’m going to have my 17 year old son do the band idea. His knees drift in and he’s been having some patella pain.

Rest 7 to 10 days. Then follow this protocol, using the band around the knees.

Oh no it’s a sudden Injury that happened on wednesday.
I dont usually experience pain on a regular basis weekly. It was just that moment and then now it hurts in daily life

So because the injury happened in a moment, it can’t be the moment where your body stopped putting up with poor form? If your knees track inwards during squats, you may get a gradual onset of pain or it could happen suddenly. Don’t brush this off like it’s normal for teenagers squatting with light weights to get knee injuries.

Yeah take some rest as others said above, you need your knees(walking!) for everything.

this guys channel has loads of good stuff also…

Thanks I appreciate the advice

Reverse lunges have been kind to my knees.